Let Go of Bad Friends

We are frequently advised that we should be friends with everyone, that we should not choose our friends, that else we are selfish and not really decent people. While there is some truth to the subject in the name of inclusion, it does not encompass the entire picture.

Humans are, at our very essence, social animals. Socializing is not an option; it is a need for our fundamental survival. People who do not socialize typically drift away from society and struggle to find new and effective methods to become efficient, competent, and content.

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Friends are a big part of socializing

A good friend is one who calls you out when you fail to live up to your own words.

A good friend is someone who rejoices with you when you achieve your goals.

A good friend is someone who wishes you the best…

If that’s the case, what about the bad apples, the buddies who are relentlessly pursuing you and bringing you down? Should we get along with them? Should we strive to influence them? Should we leave them alone? What is the best course of action to take? you may believe.

That is a difficult question.

Everything comes back to us. Are you a good friend to them? Do you wish the best for them? Why not congratulate them on their successes? and expose their ignorance, denial, or self-betrayal?

You have every right to let them go if your best efforts to assist them to get out of their own rut and calling them out for aiming down hard don’t succeed.

There is a reason why a lifeguard pulls panicked drowning victims away. “Well, that’s cruel; what if the individual drowns?” you could think. Sure, but what if both of you drown? If the individual wants to be assisted, they must first calm down; else, they will endanger not only themselves but also others.

If you believe your buddy is in such a situation, let them leave or wait till they come to their senses and desire to change for the better. You will spare yourself and others undue pain.

Get rid of your nasty buddies…

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