LED Printers – Pros and Cons You Must Know

Printing is not always limited to the prints of documents, books and newspapers. Modern-era businesses invest more in fabric printing, cards, banners, envelopes and even plastic boards. Printing on such objects is not too difficult, but it requires specific printers with higher resolution and better print quality. The preference for LED printers is increasing significantly for these.

LED printers utilize light-emitting diodes to print the image on the object or material. They do not operate from one word or alphabet to the next but line to line. It makes the device emit an LED which covers a specific section of the material and takes care of the job smoothly. However, it has its fair share of drawbacks too. So, you must check and decide carefully not to regret your decision later.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn in detail about LED printers and their pros and cons and make the right choice for your setup.

Top 3 Pros of LED Printers

LED printers are the popular choice among industrial setups which need bulk printing. The devices offer numerous benefits, knowing which can help you assess if they are really suitable for your setup or not.

Here are the major pros of LED printers you should be aware of to utilize them properly.

1. Faster Printing

LED printers ensure faster printing which is the first and foremost pro of relying on them. The light-emitting diode technology helps the printer print the whole line at once instead of printing word by word, which is the major reason behind the faster speed. It is specifically suitable for higher production units like printing presses or industrial uses. On the contrary, official setups often contact printer rental Dubai-based services to pick a suitable device and enjoy faster prints.

2. Energy Efficient

Another notable pro of LED printers is that they are energy efficient. They do not use power resources time and again, but the light-emitting diode is enough for quite a long. They do not need battery support too, which limits energy consumption even more. So, if you are looking for an energy-efficient printing solution that offers faster service, you can try LED printers. However, if you are not too satisfied with them, consult experts for suitable recommendations.

3. Environment Friendly

Another significant pro of LED printers is that they are environmentally friendly. Such printers consume less energy as compared to other devices, which takes offload from the environment. On top of this, LED printers do not require frequent maintenance or have parts that need to be replaced. All of this limits the load on production, which adds pollution to the atmosphere. So, it is safe to say that LED printers are an environmentally friendly option.

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Top 3 Cons of LED Printers

Most people prefer to invest in or at least rent LED printers considering their energy efficiency and faster printing. However, LED printer devices come with a few cons, too, which make people regret their choice later. So, you should be aware of all the hidden issues before deciding.

Here are the major cons of LED printers you should know about to limit your loss.

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1. Fixed Resolution

The first and foremost con of LED printers is that they often come with fixed resolutions. It significantly impacts the quality of pictures and prints. Fixed resolution means you do not have much choice and have to stay limited to the same level of resolution. You will have to look for other options if you want to experiment with resolution and need prints with various settings. Make sure to check and explore the options before settling on one.

2. Higher Initial Cost

Another major con of LED printers is that they have a higher initial cost. Not many manufacturers produce LED printers, due to which they have limited market availability. The limited number of devices give rise to higher cost. LED printers do not require too many replacement parts, which means limited future expenses. It also prompts the manufacturers to keep the initial cost higher, so they can earn their profit and set aside share for future research too.

3. Compromised Printing Quality

The last and most crucial con of LED printers is that they offer a compromised-quality print. The prints can be blurry, missing details, and the overall picture quality is not even average. So, there is no point in investing in a faster device if it does not promise quality results.

If you are thinking about investing in them, you need to consider your options again. Contact printer rental in Dubai and rent various devices to check performance and functioning and decide wisely.

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Are you looking for specific printers?

If you are not too satisfied with LED printers, you do not necessarily need to invest in them. There are multiple other options you can explore. Contact the printer rental services to explore and test the devices and find the perfect pick for your setup.

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