Knives are Best Friends in the Kitchen

A professional knife’s best friend is an attentive owner who follows the principles of proper operation and maintenance. Professional chefs appreciate kitchen assistants and provide them with good hygiene and peace of mind after work. This is supported by the “friends” of the knife, which take care of storage, maintain performance, and prevent premature deterioration. Let’s talk about these functional accessories.

Holders and Stands

An authentic Japanese Knife block set should be kept separate from cutlery and other metal objects. When the blade is at rest, it should not come into contact with other objects. This is important to maintain sharpness and avoid injury when removing the tool. You can choose the appropriate blade holder from the following:


Desktops are universal models that sit continuously on a counter or in a kitchen cabinet. Monoblocks with blade slots are elegant and compact. Also, each sheet is stored in a separate dry pocket.

Magnetic Holders

It can be desktop and hanging (wall mounted). The blade is mounted on a magnetic strip, which is always at hand in the kitchen. The only caveat is that magnetic holders are not designed for ceramic knives.

Box Restraints

Financial constraints These are specialized devices for the horizontal storage of slides in trays. Often in wood. Clamps hold the blade in a specific position separate from other tools.

Cutting Board

It is worth taking care of the knife not only during storage but also during use. Japanese knives cannot be used with glass, ceramic, or metal cutting boards. But the tables are enough:


from wood. For a knife, a great option, but for a cook, not so much. Wood is a porous structure and absorbs unpleasant odors, moisture, and pollution.


Plastic is healthier than wood and does not weaken the knife. It is necessary to have several separate plastic panels for each group of products.

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Sharpening Accessories

Knife sharpening tools must be selected separately for each product. Japanese steel blades are sharpened at a slight angle with water stones of specific grain size. Zirconium ceramic knives are sharpened with diamond sharpening stones. Also, to facilitate the release of the blade between sharpenings, friction bars may be used. There are also universal, mechanical, and electric sharpening tools. They allow you to quickly sharpen a knife at home and do not require special skills.

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