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The Ultimate Movie Rankings (UMR) is a set of criteria that evaluate the best films of a certain year. These criteria include box-office gross, audience, and critic ratings, and Oscar nominations. This ranking system is based on a mathematical equation that uses ratings and reviews to evaluate each film. For a complete list of all Jack Black movies, check out our list. The table below shows the top ten movies of 2018.

jack black movies

If you like classic Hollywood films, you’ll enjoy Jack Black’s films

He’s a popular actor who has starred in countless movies over the years. His wacky personality and unique style of comedy have helped him become a household name. As a result, many of his films have grossed enormous sums of money. The best Jack Black movies have great reviews from critics and are entertaining, but aren’t necessarily the best.

Among Jack Black movies, “Kung Fu Panda” is a fan favorite

In this animated comedy, Po, a kung fu master, returns home to find his long-lost father and learn to use the martial arts. In this sequel, the feared undead warrior Kai (voiced by Jack Black) steals chi from kung-fu masters and Po must train the pandas to defeat him. The movie is highly praised by critics and fans alike, and the animation was gorgeous.

Other Jack Black movies are “Alone,” “

The Last Days of Summer” and “The Hangover”. These are the most popular Jack Black movies. The rest of them are not nearly as popular and don’t receive the same critical praise as his most recent films. Despite the popularity of Jack Black as an actor, it’s important to note that there is a long list of his films. We’ve ranked them in chronological order and added six sortable columns for convenience. Listed below are the top ten and lowest-ranking Jack-Black films.

School of Rock:

Jack Black’s first film was a hit in 2003 and has since accumulated over $131 million in box box-office gross. While he may seem quirky, he has a great sense of humor and is known for his comedic timing. He has a unique way of being funny, but there’s no reason to let that stop you from watching his films! You’ll find them here. If you’re not aware of them already, check them out!

Listed below are the top Jack Black movies of all time

They are listed by box office gross and critics’ ratings. You’ll be pleasantly surprised! The list is not exhaustive, but we’ve listed the top five films that have earned the highest box office gross. This is the perfect way to compare all of the different Jack Black movies and make an informed decision on which one you’ll watch. You can browse through the complete list of Jack Schwarz’s movies and see which ones have received the highest marks.

The list below is a list of all the movies starring Jack Black. The earliest Jack Black movie was “The Big Bang Theory”, which has a great wacky personality. The latest two were the most popular and grossing, while the most recent is “Blow Up.” These movies are also among the best-rated films of all time, despite the fact that they’re not the best-known films.

There are many Jack Black movies that have starred the actor

The following lists include his most recent films, and the best movies of all time. You can also browse the most popular Jack Black movies by date, critics’ ratings, and box-office gross. In addition, you’ll find a list of Jack’s greatest hits. And if you’re not sure, start by reading reviews and ratings from other sources. It will help you decide whether the actors are worth watching.

Jack Black’s movies are varied

His most recent movies are comedy flicks. In the first one, he voiced the title character of a panda. The second one, titled “Po,” features the titular character, and a long-lost father. In the third film, he reunites with his long-lost father. This film is another animated adventure, with an undead warrior Kai who steals chi from kung-fu masters.

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