It is good that this audio got leaked: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Imran Khan Wednesday broke silence on the leaked audio, saying he has not played on the cypher yet.

The PTI chairman made these remarks while speaking to journalists after an audio of his alleged conversation with his then principal secretary Azam Khan went viral, triggering a new controversy over the US conspiracy.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif leaked that audio when asked who did this.

“It is good that the audio got leaked, I would say the cypher should also be leaked. So that everyone should come to know how big was that foreign conspiracy.”

Imran Khan said that he has not played over it yet and will play when they expose it.

In the leaked audio, Imran Khan could be heard directing Azam Khan that they should play with the cypher issue without taking the name of the United States.

“Let’s play with it,” Imran Khan allegedly said in the audio, to which Azam Khan suggested that they should hold a meeting on the US cypher to bring it on record.

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