Is Indeed resume writing good? 

When writing a resume for a job application, you want it to be professional, well-formatted, and pleasing to the eye. It can take a lot of work to make a resume from scratch, so to save time and effort, many job seekers opt to use one of the many online resume builder websites.

But while using a resume builder can often make your life easier, not all of them deliver the final product you deserve.

To help you decide if the Indeed resume builder is right for you, here’s our review of the Indeed resume builder.

Indeed resume builder review: is it worth it?

Indeed is a well-known career website that features a job board, company reviews, a salary guide, and resources for employers and job seekers. On Consumer Affairs, the website has a 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Image of Indeed ratings for Indeed resume review.

We made a resume with the Indeed free resume editing services to weigh its pros and cons and determine if it’s worth using so you don’t have to. Here’s what we found:

Indeed resume builder review:


Here’s what works well for the Indeed resume builder:

1. Free to use

The best thing about the Indeed resume builder is that it’s free to use. This means that it’s widely accessible, and you don’t lose anything (except a bit of time) if you decide to try it out.

2. Easy to use

The Indeed resume builder has a very user-friendly interface and takes minimal effort. First, you start by choosing your desired template from eight different options. 

Once you’ve chosen, the builder displays the template with each editable part of the resume highlighted yellow.

Image of a blank template for the Indeed resume review.

If you want to edit a section, you simply click on it to display input boxes, as seen below.

Image of the input boxes for the indeed resume review.

Once you’re finished, what you’ve written will automatically appear in the template, and you can proceed to the next section.

Image of the first section of the template completed for the Indeed resume review.

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3. Simple formatting

Following proper resume formatting can be one of the most complex parts of writing your resume, but one of the perks of a resume builder is that it takes care of formatting for you.

When using the Indeed resume builder, you don’t have to worry about what resume sections go where. The builder provides boxes for you to input specific information, automatically formatted according to the template.

Image of the simple formatting for the Indeed resume review.

4. You can change templates at any time

Another plus of using the Indeed resume builder is that you can change your template anytime.

That means if you’re halfway through writing your resume and realize that you don’t like the template you’re using, you can choose one of the other templates displayed on the left. Before downloading your resume, you can try all of them to see which one you think looks best.

5. You can add additional sections

Indeed’s resume builder provides additional sections to include on your resume, such as awards, certifications, or military experience. This is especially helpful if you have nontraditional work experience or are writing a military to civilian resume. Click on the toggle to activate the section you want to add to your template.


After making our resume, these are the drawbacks we found in using Indeed’s free resume builder:

1. You can only download your resume as a PDF

When you hit download, your resume automatically downloads as a PDF file. There are no other file type options. This presents a few problems:

  • You won’t be able to make any further changes or edits to the document.
  • You won’t have a word document file, which some employers may request.
  • When you need to update your resume in the future, you won’t be able to edit your document and will have to make a new one.

2. You can’t change the formatting

  • While it’s nice to have a resume builder do all the formatting for you, it’s also problematic if you can’t edit it yourself.
  • One problem with Indeed’s resume builder is that your one-page resume almost inevitably turns into a two-page resume.
  • Even in our attempt at including only one job and listing three skills, the resume extended onto a second page, and sections were often awkwardly split between the first and second page.
  • The inability to adjust margins or font size or choose to format sections differently means that you can’t edit your information to fit on one page.

3. Limited design & style options

While the resume builder has eight templates and provides some color and font options, the ability to adjust the overall resume design is minimal.

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