Integrating Revenue Cycle Management With NextGen EMR

NextGen EMR focuses on data exchange. It is competitive with other EMRs, but it’s not a direct competitor to them. It’s partnered with the Veradigm arm of Allscripts. This partnership should help NextGen grow in the future. Despite being fairly new, it already appears to be a strong contender in the market.

Clinical and billing solution

NextGen EMR offers an all-in-one solution for small independent medical practices. It includes an EMR platform, billing and practice management software, and a patient portal. The solution is simple to learn and use while supporting secure patient access. It allows doctors to focus on patient care and maximize revenue potential.

NextGen Office is a cloud-based EHR that integrates billing and clinical processes. The solution also includes advanced features such as rules-based charge creation, claims scrubbing, A/R management, collections, and reporting. It is compatible with all browsers and devices, and it is HIPAA and MIPS-compliant. It also helps you connect with your patient care team with a patient portal and automated appointment reminders.

NextGen Office integrates with Surescripts, an electronic prescribing network. It also allows users to send prescriptions to local pharmacies. Additionally, it integrates with Transworld Systems, a leading provider of accounts receivable management, debt collection, and loan servicing solutions. NextGen(r) Office also offers full integration with TSYS, one of the nation’s leading payment processors. This integrated billing and practice management solution streamlines back-office and front-office workflows.

Integrates with revenue cycle management

Integrating revenue cycle management is a strategic process that can deliver a number of benefits for provider organizations. When done right, this process can improve financial performance and increase service quality. It involves aligning operational teams and systems to ensure value realization. The appropriate form of integration varies depending on the provider organization. Organizations with little or no integration typically operate as silos with separate operational and IT systems. Those with more integration leverage standardized processes and a uniform technology platform.

Revenue cycle billing and EHR systems are critical components of healthcare organizations. Integration between these two systems eliminates the need to deal with duplicate data and manual errors. Revenue integrity is impacted when errors are discovered in the billing workflow. With the right software platform, healthcare providers can quickly identify data mismatches and correct them.

Has HIPAA compliance

NextGen EMR meets HIPAA requirements for privacy and security. All patient records are protected and NextGen is committed to privacy. The company offers a variety of secure options to protect patient information. For example, NextGen EMR provides a PHI Log Report, which can be accessed by patients.

The NextGen EMR features an intuitive user interface and powerful reporting capabilities. The software allows users to generate reports on financials, physician evaluations, and scheduling. They can be run ad hoc, or scheduled to be sent to users via email. The software also offers a comprehensive coding library with the latest ICD-10 coding standards.

NextGen is a cloud-based EMR solution that enables physicians to keep patient records updated and secure. It is HIPAA-compliant and features advanced practice management. It also provides clinical tasking, appointment management, chronic disease management, revenue management, and billing and statements management. This is designed to be easy to use and works on any device.

Has a patient portal

The NextGen EMR has a patient portal that enables your patients to access and update their personal information, including lab test results and health records. It can also be used for appointment reminders, prescription refill requests, and scheduling. In addition, it has multiple online payment options and is ONC-certified. The patient portal also integrates with NextGen Mobile, which allows patients to manage their health records from anywhere, anytime.

The NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal is free and secure. In order to use it, patients must have a valid phone number and date of birth. In addition, they must have an updated web browser. Internet Explorer users cannot use the NextGen Patient Portal.

Has a telehealth component

In addition to providing medical records for all of your patients, NextGen EMR has a telehealth component. Telehealth is a great way to see more patients while spending less time. It allows doctors to transform phone calls into actual visits, which increases their revenue and saves time. It also integrates easily with NextGen EHR.

NextGen EMR has a telehealth component, which allows you to communicate with patients through video conferencing. The telehealth platform is fully integrated with the EMR, so both patients and staff members will be able to use it. In addition, NextGen EMR provides the functionality of a traditional office EHR, such as scheduling and billing.

NextGen also has acquired OTTO Health, a telehealth company, as part of its broader strategy to increase telehealth adoption. While there are a number of telemedicine platforms outside of EHRs that require workarounds to integrate the data, NextGen plans to provide a complete virtual care solution.

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