Importance of Virtual Numbers in Transport and Logistics

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, logistical services have been highlighted globally as a need. The logistics and transportation industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India, growing at a CAGR of 10.7% between 2020-2024.

Many factors have driven this trend, including a rise in demand and, most importantly, new-age technology-driven innovation. Virtual numbers are one of the key elements powering the transformation of the logistics industry, which is currently undergoing a major transformation.

Logistics and transportation companies can also use solutions for mobile marketing and customer engagement, but the greatest benefit of virtual call center solutions is, undoubtedly, its operational value.

The rise of Virtual call center solutions

Several companies are outsourcing their logistics, i.e. third-party logistics, today due to disruptions in the supply chain and increased demand. Between 2018 and 2022, third-party logistics services are predicted to increase by 8.3% in India alone.

This highlights the industry’s untapped potential. Nevertheless, third-party logistics cannot thrive without a robust communication system that enables the operations to be carried out efficiently. The solution to this question lies in virtual numbers.

As a result of the multitude of problems with traditional communication systems, virtual numbers have emerged as a savior for many logistics service providers. How did the industry deal with these so-called problems?

Communication methods in the past relied less on technology, resulting in more errors such as incorrect inputs, misplacing data, and other human errors. As well, logistics aggregators faced issues such as unreliable broadband connections and misplaced or delayed deliveries, which resulted in disputes owing to the lack of real-time updates.

As a result of such communication gaps, third-party logistics providers needed a bolstered virtual call center solution that did not allow room for mistakes like the above-mentioned, paving the way for cloud telephony to take center stage.

Change the game with Virtual Number Solutions

With features such as real-time tracking and updates, virtual numbers add a new dimension to how the logistics industry functions. Furthermore, they optimize costs both for the company and for third-party logistics aggregators. A virtual call center solution enhances supply chain efficiency and supply chain management through the aforementioned factors.

An effective virtual call center solution also enables easy monitoring of customer-facing calls using analytical tools, allowing for easy intervention in case of any issues or discrepancies, thus preventing supply chain disruptions. Virtual call center solutions are highly beneficial because of their ease of use, and they are pivotal to the transformation of the logistics industry. Virtual call center solution has helped revamp the logistics sector’s communication structure by sending alerts to notify customers of potential delivery delays.

In order to cater to the logistics industry, cloud telephony offers tailor-made virtual number solutions. Third-party logistics aggregators are increasingly using cloud telephony to better serve their customers. Using such cutting-edge technologies, the logistics industry is well positioned to grow exponentially and enhance its services.

For logistics and transportation service providers, virtual number solutions can help and enhance supply chain efficiency in the following ways:-

Real-Time Tracking

Agents can easily make a call using virtual number solutions integrated with automated IVR, which automatically tracks the delivery status and updates delivery status during transit.

By integrating this service with the CRM system of the company, all stakeholders will receive instant notifications. In order to ensure true last-mile integration, cloud telephony technology facilitates these advances without relying on internet connectivity.

Easy Monitoring

Virtual number solutions allow the recording and analysis of all customer-facing calls in real-time. In case of discrepancies, managers can now easily identify and intervene using analytics tools. As a result, businesses can develop and deploy strategic processes which prevent supply chain disruptions due to poor communication.

Speedy Redressal

With their real-time updates and robust communication structure, virtual number solutions streamline inventory management and provide consistent reports throughout the supply chain. Thus, discrepancies can be detected quickly and addressed in a timely manner, speeding up the resolution of issues.


Customs clearance and actual delivery are dependent on timely notification by all parties involved. For a successful shipment, it is critical to inform and update every stakeholder about the stages of shipment, relocation, and problem areas as soon as possible. And a decent virtual call center service like Knowlarity can help with all that.

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