ID Badge Attachments And What They Do For You

As you consider the types of ID cards or badges you want your employees to sport in the workplace, you will want to keep in mind that you can also choose between different accessories for these badges.

Here is a quick look at some ID badge attachments and how they can benefit you. With this information, you should be in a much more comfortable position to decide which ones have something to offer you.

Badge Talkers
Out of all the options you have for choosing your ID badge attachments, badge talkers might be the most versatile for your purposes. They can be used to benefit your clients as well as your employees in unique ways. Let’s start with the clients.

ID badge talkers are frequently used as a visual way to inform clients that an employee speaks multiple languages. It has the language listed on the ID accessory, which makes it much easier for clients to know who they can speak to comfortably and fluently.

In addition, they can also be used more simply as a decorative element that makes them seem a bit more approachable and friendly to their guests. You can find seasonal ID badge attachments that are meant to be used around certain holidays as a way to bring some light-heartedness to the professional environment.

On your employees’ side, it can be helpful to have badge talkers that identify which employees are still in training and are new hires. This could help them in their interactions with customers who may need more assistance than the newer staffers can offer. It gives them a bit of a break while they are still learning.

Badge Medallions
Medallions are similar to badge talkers as ID card accessories, but they are much more simplified. Medallions are smaller and feature less details, so they do not offer quite the same versatility, but they can still be used in a number of ways depending on what you want from them.

Of course your badge medallions can be customized to suit your needs, so you can give them all sorts of designs, but you mainly want to keep them simple and clean given their size. You can add the company’s logo for branding purposes or include a special design that has another meaning.

Some companies see this as an opportunity to show support for special causes or communities like the rainbow Pride flag, but you can also make them more local and personalized based on the surrounding culture. A simple star design could also be used much like a reward system to distinguish workers based on their title or seniority with the company.

Suffice to say, you have many options for these ID badge attachments.

If you expect your employees to carry their ID cards in ID badge holders, you will want to provide them with a strap clip lanyard to help them keep their identification secure. It makes it easier to not lose your card and present it openly to face clients. Lanyards are meant to be used in conjunction with ID badge holders, so be sure to pick out both if you want either.

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