How to use private note

You can use private notes to collaborate together with your teammates. during this article, you may learn the way to use private notes and the way they will assist you to solve tickets quicker.

You can leave a private note for yourself or for your teammates. It’s helpful after you ought to consult your colleagues on a way to answer a message.

How to write a private note

Private notes are displayed within the main voice communication section. However, not like a message sent to a client, the private incorporates a gray color.

To write a non-public note, switch the toggle within the bottom left corner of the message window. Write your private note and clic. If the note is for somebody else from your company. The ensuing factor to try and do is to assign the price tag to the present person.

To assign a price tag to someone. Select AN agent from a dropdown menu within the Agents window within the ‘Details’ section.

Mentioning within the private note

Private notes are accustomed mention agents World Health Organization will contribute to a faster price tag resolution.

To mention the agent within the private note. Next, you’ll see a drop-down list with active agents to decide on. select AN agent and write the non-public note message. Then click on the ‘Submit’ button. after you mention agents, they’re going to be notified and mechanically additional to the.

You can keep track of the World Health Organization’s who are on your individual list by adding a private note for every participant in your category. you’ll be able to use a non-public note to show details like family relationships, team names, roles, etc.

This article contains the subsequent sections:

To add a private note to a participant’s profile:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. choose a category underneath the categories closely-held section of your dashboard.
  3. Click the individual tab.
  4. Click on a participant’s name to open their profile.
  5. sort within the box labeled Add a private note.

What do private notes mean?

Private notes square measure notes that AN agent will leave on a particular price tag. The contracting client cannot see the note. they’re offered for scrutiny solely by agents World Health Organization has access to a particular price tag.

How are you able to use the non-public notes to produce higher client support?

Private notes enable you to write down the foremost vital problems associated with the matter. Adding such notes additionally makes it easier for an additional agent to require over the particular case to resolve. additionally, you’ll} add info there that the agent won’t be able to notice elsewhere.

Can you use the non-public note feature in LiveAgent?

In LiveAgent you have got the choice of victimization private note. due to it, the agents’ work is simpler and permits them to conduct activities at an improved level.

You just began to use Crisp and currently discover the full software system, you have got multiple operators, managing totally different timezone, the private note can facilitate your company to not lose information and mentions can bring higher efficiencies inside your company’s department

What is a private note?

Private Note square measure internal notes that AN Operators/Admin will raise a voice communication. Private Notes aren’t visible to your finished users and square measure additional in-line inside the messages.

This feature is especially useful for Operators World Health Organization wishes to produce context once reassigning the voice communication to a different Agent within the Dashboard. Private Notes additionally supports ‘Mentions,’ which permits Operators to tag alternative team members’ private Notes thus they’ll be notified in real-time.

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