How To Use A Portable Air Compressor For Car Tires

An air compressor is a great tool to check the pressure of your car tires. It can inflate a standard spare tire in eight minutes. However, a portable air compressor is only as effective as its power source. You need a 12-volt car adapter, a 120-volt plug, or a battery to power the device. You can read our review of the Viair 88P portable air compressor to see if it fits your needs.

Review of the Viair 88P

The Viair 88P portable air compressor is a powerful device that delivers pressure when you need it most. It is fast, reliable, and has a very long range. It has some drawbacks, however, including the fact that it uses a car battery to run, which can get frustrating if you are in a hurry.

The Viair 88P portable air compressor comes with a ten-foot electrical cord that connects to the positive and negative terminals of your car battery. It also comes with a hose that can be attached to the valve stem of a tire or to one of the inflation tips that come with the air compressor. Once connected, the hose will start to buzz, pumping air into the tire. The built-in pressure gauge makes it easy to see how much pressure is being delivered through the hose.

Inflates a standard spare tire in eight minutes

This portable air compressor can easily inflate a standard car spare tire in eight minutes. Its heavy-duty motor boosts inflation power and efficiency. Its durable construction is ideal for first-responders and travelers. The compact compressor is 6.6 pounds and has a 1-inch pressure dial and a 12-volt power cord with a 21-foot reach.

Before you start pumping, make sure the air pressure gauge on your tire is calibrated. A high tire pressure can increase the risk of a crash, so it’s crucial to check tire pressure regularly. To find the right portable air compressor for your needs, look for these features.

Works with any vehicle

The Canopy self-sticking accessory is an innovative car accessory that works with virtually any make or model of car. It relies on a stack of sensors that work with cameras, radars, and acoustic waves to stay attached to the vehicle. The company hopes to sell the accessory online and in brick-and-mortar stores by early 2023.

Gauge legibility

When using a portable air compressor for car tires, it’s crucial to know exactly how much air to put into the tires. Having a digital gauge will help you determine the pressure in your tires. It should be legible so that you can adjust it to fit your car’s tires. In addition, a digital tire inflator should have multiple options for power sources, including an AC adapter and batteries.

A digital tire gauge can help you keep track of the current pressure in your tires without the need to read a complicated manual. A digital gauge will also automatically shut off once you reach the desired level. The best portable air compressors have a digital gauge that is legible and easy to read.


A portable air compressor for car tires should have a gauge that allows it to accurately read the tire pressure. This gauge is usually not accurate when the pump is actively pumping air into the tire. However, an automatic air compressor will have a built-in gauge that users can easily check. They can then press the trigger and continue filling up the tire if needed.

There are several types of portable air compressors on the market. When choosing one, look for its maximum PSI rating, duty cycle, and other features that are important for the use of the tool.


A portable air compressor for car tires is a must-have piece of equipment. Underinflated tires cause poor fuel efficiency and uneven tire wear. Even without a puncture, tires can lose air slowly. With a portable air compressor, you can easily fill tires without the need for a professional.

It is best to purchase a unit with an accurate air pressure gauge. This is important because the wrong air pressure can cause a dangerous situation. Underinflated tires can also affect mileage, which is why you need to check tire pressure regularly. Also, make sure the portable air compressor has multiple power sources, such as a 12-volt cigarette lighter or the vehicle’s battery.

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