Google Maps’ persistent navigation

Complaints about Google Maps navigation notification issues have been doing rounds for quite some time now but it’s only recently that things took a turn for the better.

For a recap, after a trip assisted by Google Maps navigation, the navigation notification doesn’t disappear automatically. Rather, it gets stuck and doesn’t dismiss even after hitting the “Exit navigation” button.

Google Assistant

To get started with Exit navigation with Google Assistant, you’ll need to teach it how to understand your voice. First, enable voice recognition on your Android device. To do this, simply say “OK Google” twice, followed by “Hey Google.” Be sure to do this in a quiet place. When you’re done, press the “Finish” button. After doing this, you’ll be able to ask Google Assistant questions and navigate with ease.

Once activated, you’ll notice that the microphone icon changes color. If you’d prefer not to hear your voice advice, tap “mute voice advise” to turn off the voice navigation and suggestions.

Freeway exits

Freeway exits are road junctions with specific destinations marked on their signs. The number of each exit is often marked on the same sign as the destination. In some countries, the exit number is also placed on a gore sign. This helps drivers find the exact way to go to a certain destination. In the US, freeway exits are commonly marked with a ‘5’. In other countries, however, the exit number is usually a separate number.


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