How to Select Nightstand Lighting for Your Bedroom

The lighting in a bedroom is often overlooked when it comes to planning the room’s layout and décor. Given that most overhead lights are installed in the exact center of the ceiling, what else is there to ask for?

The primary use of a nightstand lamp is to illuminate the area directly around it, such as for reading or other activities in the bedroom, and the secondary function is to add aesthetic value to the space. Picking a lamp might be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start.

The good news is that you can choose the perfect lighting solutions with ease by following a few simple tips outlined below.

Lighting a Bedroom for Ambience
Bedrooms should be designed with rest and tranquility in mind. The majority of us seek out environments that help us relax and unwind as we go from being awake to being asleep.

Aiming for this, pick lights that aren’t too harsh but still give off enough light, and are of the appropriate color temperature. Warm white is the ideal hue.

Fashionable Lighting for the Bedroom
You can choose whatever color and design you like for your bedside lamps, so long as they go with the theme of your room.

A room can be significantly transformed by adding a floor lamp or an end table with a lamp. Lighting the room while also serving as a convenient place to set down drinks or place electronic devices, an end table with a lamp is a multipurpose addition that will certainly make your bedroom space more convenient and comfortable.

Put an end table with lamp in your bedroom and even your living area if you value design and functionality equally.

One Must Take Height Requirements Into Account
To avoid having your reading lamp shine in your eyes or cast shadows on your book, you should adjust its height once you’ve determined whether you’re working with a wide lamp or a tower lamp. This is why adjustable lamps are the better choice when it comes to nightstands.

To avoid having to get out of bed to read or experiencing glare from the light source, the optimal level of shade is somewhere in the middle. Positioning the shade so that it is at about shoulder height while lying in bed will provide the best light for reading.

How Many Bedside Lamps Are Necessary?
Although it may seem pointless to ask, not all bedrooms are large enough to accommodate a perfectly aligned layout. This means the requirements for each room will be unique.

In a standard master bedroom, however, where there is plenty of space, a combination of task, ambient, and accent lighting is ideal. An ideal bedroom lighting setup would include a pair of lamps by the bed, as well as a lamp near your dressing area if you need it.

Place two identical lamps on either side of the bed to achieve visual balance and provide you and your partner individual control over the level of illumination they prefer.

Atamin’s Ava Bedside Table with Lamp and USB-C Charging Station is a great option if you’re in the market for some new smart furniture that won’t break the bank and won’t take up too much room.

It’s a floor light, an end table, and a charging station for your electronics, all in one convenient package. The woodgrain tabletop and linen lampshade gives this lamp a contemporary look.

This end table with a lamp is a great decorative accent for the living room or bedroom. It’s the perfect blend of aesthetically pleasing and practically useful, creating a relaxing ambiance at home.

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