How To Reduce Operating Costs In Mining And Earthmoving Equipment?

We know that earthmoving and mining are heavy-duty jobs that require a substantial operating cost as well. The equipment makes the job easier but it may be heavier sometimes on your account. The mining and earthmoving projects are time taking and tough ones. You need to move on the rough terrain and uncertain conditions. In this case, the equipment may also get wear and tear often.

However, you can reduce the operating costs of earthmoving and mining equipment during the job by following simple hacks. These tips will help you keep within budget with more productivity and profit.

  1. Use Appropriate Tire

Using a tire compatible with your equipment will help you to reduce tire wear on the site. The mining equipment like a dozer for sale is used to perform heavy-duty jobs such as dozing and digging. The equipment runs on wheels or tires. The wear and tear in the tire are very common as the mining sites are very uneven and rough. However, the best-fit tire for the model of equipment will work even better in the mining sites. 

To choose the right tire for the equipment, read the manual provided by the equipment dealer. You can also contact the service provider. The reduction in wearing will lower the operating cost as well.

  1. Hire A Well-Trained Operator

The heavy equipment productivity is increased when it is operated with care and protocols. The trained and skilled operator is the one who knows how to treat the equipment in different conditions. The operator also knows the efficient use of fuel for the equipment which lowers the operating cost as well. Before hiring an operator, you must take a skilled test and check their professional experience. 

  1. Keep The Machine in the Proper Position

The position of the machine is very important to achieve maximum productivity in the job. If the equipment is not level, then you can perform the required task efficiently. You can keep the machine in a y-cycle to keep it leveled. Whereas, keep the blind sites away from the site. Extreme low speed of the equipment will burn more fuel and increase the operating cost. Keep the machine speed optimum as per the guidelines. Further, the lower cycle time boosts the productivity of the equipment.

  1. Maintain Your Machine

Maintenance is the key aspect of reducing operating costs. It is the most heard tip; yet, the truth lies in it. The proper maintenance of the machine keeps it up to the mark for a longer time. the regular maintenance will tell you which part needs the replace and repair. It saves time and money at the same time because the damaged part of the machine will affect and harm other parts as well. It is better to timely maintain them.

You can use advanced telematics programs such as ActiveCare Direct. It will help you keep a record of machine maintenance. The telematics will remind you on time when your machine needs maintenance. 


The mining and earthmoving equipment like a dozer for sale may take a hefty amount from your account during the job. However, you can reduce the operating cost by following simple tips. The article contains some basic tips for you to keep in mind when working on mining and earthmoving projects. These tips will help you to reduce the operating costs of a heavy-duty job.

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