How To Protect Your Vehicle With The Car Security Camera?

Recently, there has been an increase in car vandalism and theft. This has led to car owners looking for other ways apart from car alarms to protect their cars. They are now investing in car security cameras to monitor their cars in parking lots, driveways, and garages. They will provide details of what happens in cases of theft or vandalism. To be able to protect your car, here are things you need to know.

Type of car security camera that suits your needs

For the longest time, people have been investing in alarms to protect their cars against vandalism and theft. But today, they can access top-tier car surveillance systems. However, finding security cameras to suit your needs and budget is not easy. So, when looking for car security cameras, you must consider the following:

The type of power for the car security cameras

The place where you park your car dictates the camera you need. However, remember not all parking spots have a power source for traditional AC plug-ins. Also, running wires are not the best alternative as parking spots can be far away from the power source. The best option is battery-powered outdoor security cameras when you cannot access power. This system captures clear HD footage and has PIR thermal detection and a top-tier car camera recorder

In addition, it comes with a 5500mAh that can last for up to 6 months on a single charge. Therefore, it means the low maintenance battery offers more time to monitor your car.

Network connection for the car security cameras

Advancement in technology has made things easier. For example, it’s possible to receive mobile push notifications if a notable motion is noticed near your vehicle. But this is possible only if you have a reliable connection to mobile devices and your car security camera. 

However, sometimes there is no wireless network or the  Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough. Therefore, you can use standalone cameras even without a Wi-Fi connection. They are great for remote areas and can function without Wi-Fi using a micro-SD Card up to 128 GB for recording.

Also, you can use a PoE security camera system if your Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough. Similarly, try the network extender if you need to boost transmission. It will provide you with more range, efficiency, and faster networking.

HD Data Storage

Car security cameras and CCTV camera for home with recording can help you catch burglars or deter crime. It would help if you had an efficient way of storing and managing data with your cameras. In case of burglary, evidence is needed. You will need easy access to your HD footage. So, there are various options from encrypted cloud storage, micro-SD slots and NVRs with surveillance-grade hard drives.

Theft or vandalism in cars is not a new thing. This happens every day in parking lots, garages, and driveways. So, taking the right measure to protect your vehicle is essential. 

Before getting a car surveillance system, know the type that will suit your needs. In addition, consider the type of power sources, storage, and network connection.


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