How to Make the Most of a Small Space [Tips to Make It Appear Larger]

Small spaces can be both cozy and challenging. Rather than letting the little things in life (that is, low space) get to you, make the most of them with these tips to make a small room feel that much bigger.

Let There Be Light
First off, let’s get rid of all the shades and curtains in those rooms. Opening up a window lets in natural light and will give off a pronounced illusion that there is, in fact, more space.

Adding overhead and accent lights (like energy-efficient LED bulbs) that make a space feel brighter can also make it feel less small.

Go Vertical
If you don’t have room to expand outward, expand upward! In small spaces, stacked drawers and cubbies make more sense than low, wide furniture.

The same goes for bedding. In small rooms, opt for a set of bunks instead of one queen or king.

If you have a desk, instead of an end table, add a hutch.

Vertical floor lamps with storage (like ATAMIN’s Aaron Classic Floor Lamp with Drawers) can make the most of little space, too. Plus, the extra space of their shelves and drawers adds space to a floor plan.

Minimalism Makes It Feel More Open
To some, minimalism feels cold. To others, it is a blank slate that makes it possible to focus on the real elements of interior design: art, decor, and the like.

Whatever the case, you can pull off a minimal aesthetic in your living room or bedroom the space will feel more open.

Neutral Tones Create a Sense of Negative Space
The same thing goes for neutral tones. While darker and warmer tones make a space feel cozy, they can also potentially make it feel smaller.

Brighter, white tones, and neutral silver make a space feel wider and more open.

Target the Clutter
Where there is clutter, remove it. Simply removing it from sight and organizing it will make a space feel larger and more open, not to mention more welcoming.

And, if you get a shelf lamp like the ATAMIN Aaron Classic Modern Floor Lamp with Drawers, you’ll have even more space for storage and display. A modern floor lamp with storage will offer you so much more room to keep everything well organized.

Less Is More
Don’t overdo a setting with furniture, decor, wall hangings, and the like. Even if it’s not technically cluttered, one single extra piece of furniture in a room (like a chair or a desk) can really fill the space.

Removing it, by contrast, can really open it up.

Horizontal and Vertical Lines
If you have the opportunity to do so, consider decorating with furniture, accessories, or decor that has horizontal or vertical linear patterns. Alternatively, you could choose a linear geometric pattern for your walls – either paint, wallpaper, or tile.

This is an old trick – just like how pinstripes make you look taller. By emphasizing linearity, you can make a room look longer, wider, or taller, and therefore bigger.

All That Glitters Is…Glass
Finally, one more tip – consider glass tops for your tables and other furniture. Not only can they offer a certain modern charm, but they’re also invisible – and their translucence gives the impression that a space is actually much larger than it really is!

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