How to Know if Someone Has Hidden Spy Apps on Your Phone?

There are various suspicious activities on your phone that indicate if it has hidden spy apps or not. Once you understand what you have to look for, you can monitor your device for spyware. These activities may include unfamiliar applications appearing randomly, fast battery drainage, or even high data usage. If your data usage is unusually high, take it as a sign to check if your service provider offers a payment history like Spectrum mobile billing or any other network provider’s bill. You might be able to track the source of the data consumption and get to the bottom of it.  

Here’s how to tell if your phone’s a victim of secret spy apps or not. 

Fast Battery Drainage 

If spyware has been installed on your phone, chances are your battery will drain at a much faster rate than usual. Since batteries tend to deteriorate with time, instead of looking for a gradual decrease, keep an eye out for sudden and significant changes. Make sure you check beforehand that the drainage is not the result of power-hungry social media and is in fact a spyware issue.  

Unfamiliar Applications 

Sophisticated spyware apps are usually hidden and can be easily misused for spying on others. You should regularly check your phone for any apps you do not remember downloading. Additionally, it is essential to know that spyware apps are usually hiding in plain sight.  

Phone Heating Up Quickly 

Usually, when spyware apps are secretly running in the background, your phone tends to get unexpectedly hot quickly. Moreover, to be sure that it is actually spyware that is heating up your phone, you can tell if the phone still heats up if you’re barely using it or not using it at all. Spyware slows down the processing speed of your phone. This makes it heat up quickly even if you use it for a little while.  

High Data Usage 

Spyware apps feed massively on mobile data to run smoothly. This is so because, in order to send data back to the perpetrator from your phone, the spy app requires data. If you notice any unusual surge in your data usage pattern, it can be a sign of a spyware app running in the background.  You can keep track of this usage by checking your mobile data from your phone’s settings and observing the data patterns over time. However, you need to first be sure you’re not using any apps yourself that have caused a spike in your data usage.  

Facing Issues While Shutting Off Phone 

If a phone takes longer than usual to shut down or fails to turn off properly, it can be at risk of spyware interfering with its shutdown process. This form of spying is a form of a highly-targeted and sophisticated attack. Furthermore, seemingly random and frequent reboots can also be an indication of spyware on your phone.  

Rooted or Jailbroken Device 

If your mobile device is rooted or jailbroken, users may easily be able to install unapproved apps and bypass official app stores. You can use various apps to check if your phone is jailbroken or rooted. In case you get a second-hand phone, be sure to restore it to factory settings. Moreover, check for any signs of rooting or jailbreaking in it.  

Strange Noises During Calls 

Another strong indication of spyware is hearing strange noises or beeps when you’re on a call with someone. This indicates that someone is recording you. There’s a possibility that sometimes the strange sounds are simply a cause of poor connection. But if they become consistent suspicious sounds during calls suggest otherwise.  

Weird SMS Messages 

Another way a spy can send and receive data is through text messages. If you come across messages that you don’t remember checking take it as an indication that something is wrong. Similarly, you need to keep an eye out for unusual incoming messages too. This is so because sometimes primitive spyware apps communicate with their base through SMS messaging. Usually, if these messages are associated with spyware apps, they will be coded.  


There are many ways through which you can find out whether there are hidden spy apps on your phone or not. But you need to make sure they are not a result of any apps you are using yourself. Do your research first and decide if the changes are caused on your mobile because of something you’re doing or if it’s actually spyware. Consequently, you’ll be able to get rid of it by taking the necessary steps.  

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