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uark Blackboard Learn is Fordham University’s learning management system that is accessible on any computer that has the Internet connection. Students and faculty in on- and off-campus classes make use of this program as a storage facility for details and course material.

Instructors are able to manage all courses’ materials online, which makes them instantly easily accessible for students. myanhu Students in a class are able to use Blackboard Learn for online discussions for collaboration on projects as well as share files, email messages, and so on.

Starting in the fall of 2022 All faculty can choose having their classes run on Blackboard Ultra. Blackboard Classic will remain an option, but. To find out more about Ultra and how to setup it,icollege gsu how to make or import your existing courses to Ultra and to watch instructional videos about Ultra base navigation, Overview of Ultra and Assessments and Tests Please visit our Resource Website. gcu student portal

Three ways to connect

  1. Log into My Apps > General Apps > Blackboard
  2. Fordham’s Blackboard portal:
  3. Blackboard Learn app for your iPhone or Android

Blackboard Learn Support

Blackboard Learn website for videos as well as other materials to support students and instructors.

Blackboard Ally to review course contents for accessibility and also offers alternatives for conversion and instruction

  • Tips for Teachers Sheet
  • Teacher Tip Sheet

The IT Service Desk and staff from the Faculty Technology Center will assist with Blackboard issues during the regular hours of operation.

email us at (Faculty: include your Fordham username, full course ID, and course section number)

Blackboard Helpdesk Contact: 877-310-4667 (outside normal hours) raiderlink

Blackboard chat:

Getting Started

  1. If Banner shows you as an teacher, Blackboard automatically creates a course. If you do not see any courses in your list of courses in uark Blackboard Contact your department secretary to correct the information in Banner.
  2. Course shells are posted on the Blackboard at minimum one week prior to the start of the next semester.
  3. Banner automatically enrolls students automatically to Blackboard courses. Students who withdraw from the course won’t be enrolled, but will be listed as not available.
  4. In order for students to be able to access content from your course, you must create your course through Blackboard.
  5. To have the best experience online using Blackboard, make sure that your browser is kept up to current. It is the Blackboard browser checker will determine whether your browser can run the most current version of the system.
  6. Utilize Blackboard Ally to review courses for accessibility. It provides conversion options and directions.

For more details and other information you can check out our Blackboard for Faculty subpage.


Faculty Technology Services offers regular one-on-one and group classes. Look through for the Fordham IT Events Calendar to see current events.

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