How to add the Spectrum tv app to your Roku

Spectrum TV is a channel app that can be added to a wide range of modern smart TVs. With a Spectrum TV subscription, you should be able to enjoy up to 30,000 On Demand TV series and movies, as well as a variety of live TV channels.

It’s a pretty comprehensive package that suits movie lovers, reality TV fans, and sports fans. While you can use this as a standalone app, you can also add the channel to your Roku device so you don’t have to switch HDMI sources over and over to enjoy all your favorite shows. This is how you can do it.

Spectrum TV Requirements

There are a few things to know before trying to add the Spectrum TV app to your Roku account. First, a cable or satellite subscription will be required to install and use the features of the app.

You must also create a Spectrum account and username first. Use a web browser to do this from your smartphone or computer. However, please note that it will take 24-72 hours before you can log in and use the Spectrum TV channel.

If you travel or live abroad, you will not receive support for Spectrum TV. It does not work internationally.

And, if you want to ensure the best viewing experience on Spectrum TV, you need to use a 3rd generation or newer Roku device. First generation Roku streaming devices are not compatible with the Spectrum TV app.

How to install the Spectrum TV channel on your Roku device

Make sure your Roku device is connected to the Internet on the same network as your TV and that your Roku account is validated and fully functional. Use your Roku remote to navigate through the following steps.

Press the Home button to access the Roku home screen. From the left panel, select Roku Channel Store (second option). Select the search bar or press the magnifying glass button on your remote. Type or use the voice search feature to search for the Spectrum TV channel. Once located, select the channel and install it. Use the virtual keyboard to log in with your Spectrum TV credentials. Click OK and follow the remaining on-screen instructions. Accept the terms of the License Agreement.

Spectrum TV shortcomings for Roku

As is the case with other similar channels, you may not be able to access the full spectrum of Spectrum TV features, no pun intended.

Depending on your location, certain channels on the Spectrum TV grid may not be available to you. You should be able to see the full list of available channels by logging into your Spectrum TV account using a web browser and verifying your subscription package.

Parental controls may not work on all channels, as they would when using Spectrum TV without a Roku device. You may also be interested to know that if you access the Spectrum TV channel through your Roku device, you will not be able to access any Pay-Per-View events. There is no PPV support with Roku for now.

Is it worth paying for a Spectrum TV subscription?

Spectrum TV clearly offers a staggering amount of live and on-demand programming. It is one of the most complete channels / applications of its kind. But it’s not free and it doesn’t offer much more than other channels that are already available on the Roku Channel Store.

Should you spend money on Spectrum TV just to add it to your Roku? Well, probably not, since Roku already offers a lot. But, if you don’t have a Roku device and your smart TV is sitting there with nothing, then you may want to give Spectrum TV a try, as long as you don’t need something to watch your favorite shows. while on vacation abroad.


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