How Can I Remodel my Bathroom Without Removing Tiles

Do you want to remodel your washroom but don’t know how? Are you on a tight budget and don’t want to do any major changes? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are on the right page. Remodeling a bathroom is a good idea if you want to bring some change to your house’s interior. People usually don’t focus on their bathrooms much, but they should since bathrooms also need to be upgraded. If you are low on the budget and don’t want to do any major changes like removing tiles etc., here are a few things you can try to remodel your bathroom. Let’s have a look. 

Change the Paint of the Ceiling

The part of the bathroom that isn’t given much attention during renovations is the ceilings. However, they can play a huge factor in changing the aesthetics of your bathroom remodeling. If you have an old ceiling, how about you paint it with a newer, modern shade? In addition, you can add a ceiling color design to make it look even better. This will change the look of your bathroom without much effort. If you don’t know which paint to buy or you don’t know the painting techniques, you can hire a professional painter to save the day. And the best part is you won’t have to change tiles. The tiles must be covered so that the paint does not damage them in any way. 

Renovate the Bathtub 

A bathtub replacement should be the last option, as it can be costly. Although, relining or repainting bathtubs can be done instead of it. Repainting tubs and showers are a common example of renovating bathrooms under a budget where you don’t want to replace tiles. The shower or tub can be refinished if the surface is yellowed, cracked, or chipped. Alternatively, bath and shower inserts that aren’t a permanent solution aren’t as affordable as they seem. Professional installation is required for liners because only then will they last for years. On the other hand, repainting a bathtub is a relatively cheaper option and might also look better. 

Add a New Toilet Seat

Another common way to remodel a bathroom without removing the tiles is by changing the toilet seat. This not only changes the look of the bathroom but can make it more comfortable for usage. When deciding on a new seat, make sure you have measured the size of the older one so that the new seat fits perfectly. For a complete renovation, you can also change the toilet brush and have a new one that matches the look. 

Add New Hardware to Cabinets

Installing new cabinets takes time, and you will also have to remove tiles for it. Just to mention that this is also an expensive method. A quick way of bathroom remodeling cheaply is by replacing old hardware, such as handles and doors, with new ones. To simplify this process, make sure the screw orientation matches the existing cabinet holes before purchasing new hardware. 

Add Bathroom Fixtures Without Bricks

Another way of bathroom remodeling without the removal of tiles is the addition of new bathroom fixtures. It’s also the easiest and cheaper way of renovation that doesn’t require a lot of work. Bathroom faucets come in different designs and finishes, and finding one that matches your bathroom’s overall style is easy. Another benefit of adding a new faucet is that new models are enhanced and comprehensive compared to the previous ones, so they help save water consumption. As another brilliant option, you can go for the installation of a showerhead to the existing shower. This also helps in the reduction of water consumption without compromising the look of your bathroom.

Install a Prefabricated Shower

Building a custom tiled bathroom shower is the most expensive remodeling option and requires an expert’s consultation. On-site tile showers and tubs are beautiful and unique but consider prefabricated shower units, which are usually much cheaper. Furthermore, you can make prefabricated shower units on existing tiles, saving you a lot of hassle and money. 

Decorative Items that Don’t Cut Holes in your Walls

Adding decorative bathroom accessories that don’t require digging holes in the walls is another option for remodeling without having to remove the tiles. A wide range of bathroom accessories includes curtains, hangers, wall hangings, and essential elements such as soaps, handwashes, and sanitizers. There’s even a matching kit with all the pieces you need to redecorate your bathroom completely. 

Install Your Vanity and Countertop

The bathroom vanity and top are conveniently assembled without the removal of the tiles. Since bathrooms are small, you can purchase a mostly assembled vanity and a countertop that can be assembled within hours. Vanity tops are available in standard sizes from 24″ to 60″ wide. Coordinating counters with integrated sinks can also be purchased, saving you the trouble of installing sinks and mold formation. 

The above-mentioned ideas are some ways you can remodel your bathroom without removing the tiles. You won’t have to spend much and will get a modern and luxurious bathroom. Make sure to hire a professional and reliable contractor for the job so you can get the best results. You can ask for recommendations from friends and family or search on the internet for good handymen in your area.

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