How are Nanoparticles Being Used in the Modern world?

The widening application and the new inventions in the field of nanoparticles are completely changed our world. Earlier, nanoparticles were nothing less than a miracle and it was considered an alien concept but nowadays, they have become a new normal for everyone and it is still contributing to the positive changes happening in every field. 

But many people consider nanoparticles to be a very advanced concept that can be used in highly-technical applications only. Well, that’s not the case where. Nowadays, nanoparticles are being used in a long list of items, right from consumer products to computes. 

So, let’s take a look at the top applications of nanoparticles and fathom how nanoparticles have revolutionized our world. 

In the field of water

Clean and affordable water is a symbol of economical development. But making clean and affordable water available in every corner of the world is still a far-fetched dream and we are rigorously working towards it.

But there are many new inventions out there that make clean water a possibility and one such nanoparticle that is helping us to clean water is graphene. Nowadays, graphene is being used to clean water as it has the natural feature of absorbing all kinds of contamination from the water. So, just like nanoparticles, graphene nanoparticles are also making changes in our society. 

In mitigating climate changes 

If you are thinking that the application of nanoparticles like ato nanoparticles is limited to only the automobile industry only then you need to think again as there are other kinds of nanoparticles that are helping scientists in mitigating climate changes as well. 

Both nanorobots and nanosensors are being used for keeping tabs on climate changes. Almost every kind of climatic change like rise in sea-level, soil changes, water pollution, air pollution is being tracked with the help of nanotechnology. So, never be in the misconception that nanoparticles are all about al2o3 nanoparticles or any other specific nanoparticle. 


Apart from al2o3 nanoparticles, there are many nanoparticles out there with the special properties that makes them an ideal choice for early diagnosis and therefore, over time, the use of nanoparticles in the field of biomedicine has increased. 

There are a few nanoparticles that are being used for treating fatal disease like cancer as well and therefore the future of nanoparticles in the biomedicine field looks bright. The nanoparticles being used for treating cancer have the ability to attack the cancer cells selectively without harming the healthy cells around it and this is what makes these nanoparticles unique and useful. 

Automobile industry 

Nanoparticles are not only present in the medicine and climate field as there usage have increased in the automobile sector as well. The very popular titanium oxide nanoparticles are being used in glass of cars as it provides the best coverage against frost and fog. 

Apart from cars, the titanium oxide nanoparticles are also being used in the glasses of train and planes for the same purpose and over time, its application and the usage have improved and almost every automobile industry is using nanoparticles on a very large scale. 


There is a new semiconductor that has been developed by the Kyoto University and with the help of this semiconductor, the amount of electricity produced by a solar panel can be directly doubled. The key component of the semiconductor is the nanoparticles that are being used extensively in the field of energy. 

Nanoparticles might have took more time than expected to become so useful but the wait is worth the benefits. Over time, the application of nanoparticles is expected to increase only and soon it will revolutionalize every field. 

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