How A Bursting Strength Tester Machine Can Help You as a packaging testing instrument

The Bursting Strength Tester Machine measures the maximal force needed to cause a material to collapse when a force is given to it while it is resting on a rubber diaphragm. The bursting strength of the papers and boards used to create various packing materials is tested using the testing device. The apparatus frequently tests materials, including fabrics, cards, papers, etc. Thanks to this method, the manufacturer may now quickly determine the material’s bursting power while making packaging boxes and bags.

Bursting Strength of Textile:

It can be described as the amount of force necessary to dilate a woven or knitted fabric under typical conditions while applying a force perpendicular to the sample plane.

Constant Rate of Elongation is the machine’s operating system and is employed for this test technique (CRE). There is no stress of any type on the ball burst attachment, and the sample is tightly secured to the apparatus. A polished, hardened steel ball exerts a force against a fabric sample until rupture occurs.

Category of Bursting Strength Tester Machine :

There are three types of Bursting Strength Tester Machine :

1. Board Tester

2. Paper Tester 

3. Two-in-One Paper and Board Tester

1.Board Tester

Equipped with a moulded rubber diaphragm to test materials with higher burst values, such as paperboard, corrugated board, fabric cloth, and so on (Range: 0-35/70 kg/cm2). Double pressure gauges are also available (range: 0 to 7 & 0 to 35/70 kg/cm2), but readings in the lower range are only indicative and inaccurate.

2. Paper Tester

Designed with a narrow rubber diaphragm that allows it to test paper and other materials with lower burst values (Range: 0 to 7/10/14 kg/cm2).

3.Two-in-One Paper And Board Tester

 It is equipped with thin and moulded rubber diaphragms for precise testing of materials with lower and higher burst values (range: 0 to 7/10 & 35/70 kg/cm2).

The Basic Features of Bursting Strength Tester:

1.a trustworthy and accurate device.

2.robust in its design.

3.A properly matched motor provides a steady pumping rate for more extraordinary performance and eliminates operator mistakes.

4.The unit includes one bottle of hydraulic fluid and three extra rubber diaphragms.

5. All replaceable components are readily available.

Usage of Bursting Strength Tester for Material:

The bursting strength tester is the best test tool for determining the burst strength of papers and textile materials to make items burst-proof. The equipment provides exceptionally accurate, trustworthy test results with highly sophisticated features. To measure the material’s performance in demanding working conditions, one must invest some time before purchasing the instrument to know the requirements of a bursting strength tester.

But before you spend your hard-earned money, take the time to learn about bursting strength and the kind of equipment that should be used to test it precisely. When measuring material strength to compare packing material quality, several considerations are made, including the paper’s strength, the number of plies, and the diameter of the flutes in corrugated sheets. This can be accomplished effectively with high-quality tools, which must be created with specialised characteristics and uniform raw material quality. The “Bursting Strength Tester” is the ideal testing tool for determining the bursting strength of papers and packaging items.

The test specimen’s rubber diaphragm is subjected to an adequate hydraulic load thanks to the equipment. This handy tool is frequently used to assess the tensile strength of various materials, including cloth, paper, synthetic leather, corrugated boxes, raw cardboard, cartons, cloth, and cardboard. The test result is represented as a figure in kilogrammes per square metre.


Bursting strength is an essential factor in the creation of packaging materials. If a product’s packaging ramps up as it gets fragile, for instance, when the product is opened and exposed to the air, then it will fail catastrophically. Bursting strength testing is thus very important in the creation of any packaging. This includes the testing of your products. The bursting strength of packaging materials is tested by subjecting them to a strong mechanical force. Buoyant packing materials such as cushions, toys, books and other media are often tested by this device. The device is a human-powered hydraulic ram used to apply force on a sample. This forces the envelope to collapse under its weight, which is ultimately measured and then used to compare the strength of different materials.

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