Hex Sockets: What Should A  Lay Man Know?

The term hex socket means a socket that simply fits around the outside of any hexagonal fastener head. However, the usage of this has broadened and it is presently sometimes used to refer to any sort of shape of socket that fits around the outside of any fastener, rather than locating into the fastener head. You can find different options in these sockets like hex driver socket and more.

A ‘hex socket’ is a simple socket designed to fit the head of any hexagonal fastener like a nut or even bolt.  Hex sockets are even referred to as 6 point sockets as six points are developed where the internal walls from hexagonal recess simply meet. 

Quality Sockets 

Better types of quality hex sockets have internal types of walls that are somewhat curved. This aids in applying the torque from the socket to the flats of fastener rather than the corners that reduces the chance of rounding the entire head of the fastener. Such a thing also means that more torque may be safely applied to the fastener by the specific socket, permitting them to be tightened more or even screwed into harder materials like metal or even hardwoods.

The Regular 6 Point Meaning 

Well, once a socket is referred to as a regular 6 point, it simply means it is a six point hex socket. This term is mostly used to dodge the overall confusion with E Torx sockets that even have 6 points. Of course, when you get these tools, you can always talk to the manufacturer or supplier about the same.

The Sizes Of Hex Socket 

You should understand that socket heads can be measured in both metric as well as imperial units. Metric socket sizes may range from 3mm to even over 80mm, whereas imperial socket sizes range from 5/32″ to even over 1-½”.

Drive Sockets 

At the other end of any socket is the drive socket and this gets used to attach the socket to a simple ratchet, torque wrench or even other types of different turning tools.  Different from the head of hex as well as bi-hex sockets that are available in both metric as well as imperial sizes, the drive socket is always sized in the overall imperial measurements. The most common sizes that you may get are ¼”, ⅜”, ½”, ¾” and even 1″.

Other Kinds Of Hex Socket

With the growing variety of sockets, the term hex socket  is most of the time used to describe any sort of socket that fits over the head of any fastener rather than fitting into fastener head, as with any socket bit. This is in spite of many of these new types of forms not possessing a hexagon shape to them.


To sum up , whether different sockets or t handles or other tools; you can get them all once you speak with the manufacturers. These wonderful tools make the tasks smooth and effective. After all, the right tools can help you not just achieve the best level of productivity but also ensures utmost safety and ease.

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