Green Design Trends For Custom Homes

Custom homes present an avenue with limitless potential for experimenting with home design. It’s an ever-evolving concept, and it’s tough to draw many parallels between any two custom homes. As, by definition, they’re custom- specifically designed for a homeowner’s need.

Open floor plans, abstract shapes, smart home appliances, etc are just a few trends that have flourished lately, and among them, sustainable architecture has received special attention.

Homebuilders are increasingly interested in incorporating sustainable practices, making their homes in tune with nature, and improving the overall efficiency of the house. Today, we’ll take a look at 3 such trends that became relevant recently, starting with sustainable materials.

Design Trends for Custom Homes

Sustainable materials
Custom home buyers are constantly looking for sustainable materials that protect them against the damaging effects of harsh weather. Such as fiber cement siding or NuCedar shingles, both strong and durable.

Modern homes can also include natural options for insulation from clay, and bamboo to cedar shingles, that is easier to incorporate and at the same time highly effective. Homeowners can also make use of the salvaged material from the previous house upon the property, helping not only save the environment but also money.

Homeowners can also make use of indigenous plants around the landscape, so they don’t have to water them frequently.

Self-Reliant Energy Homes
Thousands of homes in the US have managed to become entirely self-reliant, by making use of solar panels and battery-powered energy for all their household needs. Many have even achieved net zero, where the house only uses as much energy as it produces.

Being completely self-reliant means that these houses don’t need electricity or gas from the grid, and can save entirely on the respective costs incurred otherwise. The Tesla power wall is a great option to make your house self-sustaining.

Also, these new ways to store energy are much more utilitary than they were previously, as now you can store energy for seven days or longer, which previously ran out soon after the sun wasn’t present.

Smart Home Technology
Although perfected architecture goes a long way in maintaining the desired temperature in the house, it needs to be supplemented by smart home technology that ensures effective energy usage.

One such example would be to turn on the air conditioning or the heating of only a particular room with just a voice command, or a system that warms the house a few minutes before you enter the house every day after office hours. Having a system in place that does this job, can save you a lot in electricity bills if you aren’t entirely self-reliant yet.

Making sustainable choices isn’t tough, all it takes is one step in that direction. If you’re planning to build a new home in Calgary, RareBuilt Homes Ltd is here to help you make sustainable choices. Have a conversation with them to discuss the details.

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