Get advantages of the correspondence program correspondence online program is a very popular degree course because this degree course is most studied in India. Usually, the course is known as Bachelor of Commerce. This is a 3 to 6 years degree program that is provided by institutes and universities. Distance courses are offered by institutes and universities that offer normal degrees. If we talk about the correspondence online course then this is a boon for those aspirants who are incapable to continue their regular studies because of financial or other problems. Now they can easily continue online courses any time or anywhere because of its beneficial facilities.

  1. Why do aspirants prefer correspondence online courses? correspondence online education is a planned course that takes place away from the source of the educator. Aspirants are taking correspondence education seriously because of a number of reasons. Some of the major reasons to take the correspondence online course is mentioned below: –

  • Low miscellaneous fees
  • It provides the opportunity for online aspirants to work and study at the same time.
  • Aspirants have a lot of options for institutes while studying correspondence online education
  • It helps aspirants to keep themselves continue with the subject without leaving their job.
  • correspondence online course’s admission procedure

The essential documents that are required for the admission procedure of correspondence online education are given below: –

  • Marksheet of class 12th boards exam
  • Certificate from the worker, for availing relaxation in maximum marks in the case of educator, govt. workers, institutes employees, and so on.
  • Pass certificate of 12 class board exam
  • Community, nativity, and income certificates in original (in the case of aspirants belonging to SC/ST/OEC/OBC who are eligible for marks relaxation/fee concession)
  • Self-residential address stamped on three envelopes.
  • Self-attested copy of the S.S.L.C/S.S.C page etc. showing the date of birth.
  • correspondence online courses eligibility

The eligibility criteria for correspondence online education differs from college to college. The common eligibility criteria that are followed by aspirants are given below: –

The candidates must pass the 12-class boards examination

There percentage that a candidate gets in their examination

Getting more than 55% ensures a good university education. correspondence online course does not have an age limit

Here are mentioned some benefits of correspondence online education that are: –

  • You have the option of pursuing work while continuing your examinations.
  • Correspondence degree is very cheaper in comparison to a regular course. It easily suits your pocket.
  • After completing this degree course you can prepare for other exams such as CA, CWA, and CSS, and can have a degree in
  • You can seek after two programs at a time. One correspondence online and one regular.
  • It is more affordable and can be enlisted by as many candidates as they desire.
  • correspondence online education is helpful as it suits your time and availability.

To conclude, now you know the benefits and eligibility of correspondence online education so, if you wish to get admission in this course visit our online educational platform.

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