Four Essentials to Add to Your College Dorm Checklist

Getting ready to go off to college is one of the most exciting times in any young person’s life. Of course, the college/university path isn’t for everyone and there’s nothing wrong with that at all! However, for those who do choose this route, making the move into the college dorm is often akin to taking the first few steps into independence and freedom. For many, this marks the first time that they’ll be living outside of their home with parents or family members. Instead, they’ll be living off on their own, likely with a roommate they may or may not know, amongst a wide and diverse grouping of their peers. 

As such, there are a lot of things to navigate when entering the college atmosphere and moving into a dorm for the first time. The last thing you want to be stressed out about is having to make a dash back home to grab something you forgot. Especially if you’re attending a college or university significantly distanced from your hometown, a quick trip back home may not be possible or practical. 

As such, here are a few extra essentials to add to your must-have dorm list that will help make your dorm room feel just like home. 

Posters, Pictures and Decor 

While posters, pictures, and personal decor may not directly help you with your studies, they are essential in creating a dorm-room space that feels like your own. This is a more important part of the dorm-room experience than many people give credit. Because you’re going to be spending the majority of the year on campus, or in your dorm, you should put intentional energy into making it feel like your own space. 

In turn, feeling comfortable and relaxed in your dorm will facilitate your ability to focus when you need to. Additionally, the way that you decorate and keep your space says something about who you are and can communicate aspects of your personality to friends, visitors, and peers. 

Socializing is another major aspect of the college or university experience, so decorating your space with posters, pictures, and other pieces of decor that make your dorm feel a little more like home will go a long way in connecting you with friends and giving you a space in which you can socialize freely and comfortably. 

A Mini-Fridge

A mini-fridge is an extremely handy thing to have in any college dorm room. Because mini-fridges are meant to take up only a portion of the size of traditional refrigerators and they use a lot less power, they are conveniently sized to fit most dorm-rooms, no matter the design or the layout. A mini-fridge can be a great addition to a dorm room for a wide variety of reasons. For instance, it offers the dorm resident a place to keep leftovers from a meal that was too big, store pizza from a friday night, or they can use it to store regular snacks and drinks. 

This can also help keep students in the groove during a study session no matter what the time of day or night. Rather than taking a trip to the campus cafe or dining hall, a student can just grab a gatorade and a little snack from their mini-fridge and keep their focus on the assignment or study at hand. 

Some Entertainment Options

While college and university is certainly about higher-education, learning about oneself, and becoming a more well-rounded person, no one is going to be in class or studying and doing homework 24/7. As such, you’re going to want to bring along a variety of entertainment options. 

Whether this is your favorite gaming console and a television, or a stack of your favorite books and movies – you should make sure to bring along a few entertainment options. After all, everyone needs a break now-and-again, and nothing will bring you and your roomie-to-be closer than pulling an all-nighter with Mario Kart and the Nintendo Switch. 

All Your Shower and Comfort Stuff 

As mentioned above, part of the reason people like to bring pictures, posters, and decor into their dorms is to make them feel comfortable and at home in the space. This extends to other practices like personal-hygiene and comfort, too. 

You don’t want to get labeled as an untidy roomie, or an unkempt person, so you’re going to want to make sure you bring along everything you need to shower on a regular basis, and whatever other comforts you need to feel like yourself. 

Allergies can also be brutal in dorm rooms. If you’re prone to an allergy attack, cool mist humidifiers are convenient, room-size humidifiers. Cool mist humidifiers are great at taking the dryness out of the air and adding some comfortable and cooling moisture into the atmosphere. Additionally, certain cool mist humidifiers have essential oil trays that make them easy to use in concert with essential oils. These cool mist humidifiers with essential oil trays can freshen up any dorm-room, even if you end up getting stuck next to the football player hall.

Wrapping up on Dorm Room Essentials

There is a lot to learn and figure out when entering college for the first time. This list will help you remember some of the essential non-study-related materials anyone will want for their dorm. Walk into your dorm hall feeling confident that you’ve prepared for this moment and have packed everything you’ll need from cool mist humidifiers to a mini fridge, to any decor that makes your space feel like home. 

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