Facial Hair Transplant – How Much Will It Cost?

Before you commit to any surgical procedure, doing research helps in such a big way. Find out a little about your surgeon, his experience, qualifications, and the clinic’s reputation. And all these will determine the cost of your treatment. So, this will help if you’re considering a facial hair transplant treatment.

Even as you read this, you could wonder, is a facial hair restoration similar to a scalp hair transplant? And the answer is yes. Both use the same procedure of hair transfer from a donor site to a thinning area or balding scalp. 

Beard Restoration Techniques

The two most advanced hair transplant treatments most surgeons commonly use are follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). The ideal option will depend on your surgeon and the client’s demand. For instance, some doctors prefer the FUT method for facial hair transplants, while others believe the FUE gives better results. What do they involve?  

FUT Method– this is a procedure where your practitioner cuts a strip of hair from the rear scalp and preps these for implantation on the recipient side. 

FUE Method-this is the top preferred procedure by most people as it is less invasive than the FUT technique. So, no scalpels are involved, as the doctor extracts individual hair follicles using a punch device. 

While both procedures can be effective if performed by a professional, they also have pros and cons. For instance, the FUT technique may give you a linear scar on the donor site, which might require covering with a cap or long hair. 

At the same time, FUT is the most appropriate method for a patient requiring extensive hair coverage. 

While most prefer the FUE method for Facial hair transplant, this can be time-consuming and is slightly pricier than the FUT. So, if you’re working on a budget, you might want to consider pricing. 

Facial Hair Transplant Cost

To many people, hair transplant cost is a significant concern. While some may opt for hair loss medications, such as Finasteride, as a cheaper option, this can be expensive in the long haul. That’s something they might not know. In addition, you have to use it consistently, or else it will go back to where it was when you started the treatment. 

Facial hair transplant costs can be higher in a particular location, such as an urban area. While the average cost of this treatment is $5000, several things will significantly determine the actual price. And these might include:

  • Your surgeon’s experience
  • The number of hair follicles an individual will require to fill the patches of cover baldness.
  • The severity of the hair loss on the beard 
  • The hair restoration technique used for treatment.
  • A possible retouching treatment

Since insurance providers consider a beard transplant an elective cosmetic treatment, they will not cover this procedure. If this becomes a significant concern for you, it doesn’t hurt to ask your facility if they can provide a payment plan. 

Who Can Consider Facial Hair Transplant? 

Male pattern baldness is a common hair loss issue in men of all ages. Men with this hereditary problem can start losing hair before they reach 21 years. And most men will have experienced some amount of hair loss by 35 years. And that’s about 66%, while 85% of men usually undergo significant hair loss by age 50.  

And this hair loss can affect their facial hair too. These people make the ideal candidates for a facial hair transplant.

Other Suitable Candidates Include:

Transgender Patients– people transitioning from FTM can kickstart facial hair growth with hormone replacement therapy. However, it might not be enough to achieve a fuller, dense beard appearance. But beard hair restoration can help them achieve their facial hair growth goals as they transition.

Hair Loss Due to an Illness– Some diseases or treatments, such as cancer, can affect facial hair growth.

Facial Scarring– if you have a scar on your beard area, it will be impossible to grow hair naturally on this scar tissue. But a beard transplant can turn your life around and achieve your aesthetic goals. 

People Willing to Vamp Up their Beards– men can also use beard transplants for cosmetic reasons. For example, if you’re unhappy with thin beards, you can consider this treatment to make them fuller. 

In Conclusion

Luscious facial hair is a symbol of masculinity for many men. So, a person suffering from genetic hair loss or Scarring on the beard area can have low confidence and self-esteem issues. But a facial hair transplant can help restore their hair, with an experienced surgeon utilizing some of the most advanced hair restoration techniques. And not only will they recover their hair but their confidence with a fuller natural appearance of a new beard.  

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