Everything You Need To Know About Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim beach is next to Aguada Fort, a famous tourist site in Goa with significant historical value. So there’s no need to go to the latter and lose out on the former. This beach continues north to Baga, making it ideal for strolling and photographing the beautiful sunset views. You can explore the magnificent Sinquerim fort from here. Its beauty is amplified several times with the sunset, and walking on the beach at that time is an entirely new experience. You can also go for Sinquerim beach water sports.

Sinquerim, 13 kilometers from Panaji, is one of Goa’s top beaches for water skiing, parasailing, fishing, scuba diving, and windsurfing. The beach is renowned as North Goa’s first tourist beach and is a popular Goan hotels near Sinquerim beach destination.

Sinquerim Beach is a lovely beach with a stunning expanse of sand. It is situated to the south of the well-known beaches of Baga, Calangute, and Candolim. It is an excellent swimming beach and should not be overlooked when visiting Goa for beach vacations. Sinquerim Beach is located next to Aguada Beach. Near the shore is the famous historical fort Aguada, erected by the Portuguese to defend them against any sea route attack. Contact Sea Water Sports to know about .

At Sinquerim beach, numerous tourist resorts and hotels offer comfortable lodging. There are also other decent eateries around that serve tasty dishes and drinks. To travel to Sinquerim, numerous taxis, motorcycles, and buses are available.

Attractions in Sinquerim Beach

Sinq Night Club

If you want a cheerful, trendy nightclub with mellow vibes to make your night, this is the place to be. It features a contemporary Goan tavern, a deck, a vibrant dance floor, and a poolside lounge. So, for the ideal party experience, shake your legs with your companion. The restaurants near Sinquerim beach offer delicious foods.

Love Passion and Karma

Love Passion Karma (LPK), a magnificent seaside villa set against an Indo-Portuguese Church, delivers a fun-filled nightlife to Goa’s party animals. Take long walks along the river, romance with your lover, or dance the night away on the gorgeous dance floor inside.

The Mermaid

Satisfy your hunger at this informal dining establishment that serves continental and Goan cuisine. You’ll appreciate the stylish atmosphere, presentation, and great meals at reasonable costs. Enjoy walnut salad as an appetizer, fig, blue cheese, Goan beef chilly fry, excellent appetizers, filet steak, bread and butter pudding, and wine.

How to Reach Sinquerim Beach

From Panaji: there are bus services, private cars, autos, and cabs. The location is around 13 kilometers from Sinquerim Beach. If you travel at 50 km/h, you may reach this picturesque beach in about 32 minutes if you take the Betim-Verem-Saligao Road. Taking the NH 66 or the Pilerne – Candolim Road will take about 36 minutes.

From Goa International Airport: Sinquerim Beach is easily accessible from Goa International Airport, Dabolim. Travelling by cab or automobile is the quickest way to Sinquerim. If you cross NH 66, you will arrive in approximately an hour. Sinquerim is 39.8 kilometers from the airport.

Best Time To Visit Sinquerim Beach

From November to February, the peak season is the best time to visit Sinquerim Beach. Sinquerim beach location will be really mesmerizing at that time of the year. You can also enjoy the Sunburn Festival, which takes place in December. From June through October, you can go to the beach if you enjoy the monsoon. If you want to see the magnificent beach sunrise with your loved ones, get to the beach early in the morning. This time is also good to try some water sports in Sinquerim beach.

Places to visit around Sinquerim Beach

There are various sites to visit in and around Sinquerim. They are as follows:

Baga Beach: Baga Beach is located 7 kilometers from Sinquerim, between the beaches of Calangute and Anjuna. Take in the picturesque sights of Baga Beach with your loved ones. The confluence of the Arabian Sea and the Baga River, where the river merges into the vast expanse of the sea, is also visible. Dolphin rides, river cruises, banana boat rides, a relaxing ayurvedic spa, or unwinding on the beach sipping lime or coconut water are the most popular activities here.

Fort Aguada: When the Portuguese ruled Goa in the 16th century, they built this fort. You can thoroughly explore it, notably because of its beautiful colonial architecture. Take a tour of the fortress, which has an orbicular lighthouse built in 1864. In addition, St. Lawrence Chapel is a popular tourist attraction. According to the locals, fishing is also a favourite activity at this fort. The fort also has a bell and a large clock.

What to Bring to Sinquerim Beach

Though Goa beaches are beautiful and offer a variety of fun activities, you must bring the necessities to stay safe and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Therefore:

– Bring SPF sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, and hats, and sunbathe in moderation.

– Carry proper swim and swimming suits at Sinquerim Beach. However, while bikinis are permitted on Goa beaches, nudity is illegal and penalized by law. Avoid carrying or drinking alcoholic beverages in public areas.

– Bring flip-flops, light clothing, a first-aid kit, crocs, and some cash because local beach eateries and bars do not accept credit or debit cards.

Shacks at Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim has a large number of shacks. It includes:

Tony’s Shack: Dine on fresh, delectable seafood while overlooking the beach and watching the sunset. Fresh pomfret, crab, and a delicious cashew curry are among the tastiest delicacies. Indeed, you can select fresh crabs from a bucket, which are then cooked and served immediately. Pre-order giant prawns and fresh lobsters that are cooked and served immediately. The shack serves tidbits as well as traditional Goan and Indian dishes.

Fisherman’s Hut Beach Shack: The shack is attractive if you want tasty meals, reasonable prices, and friendly service. Among the other shacks on a busy beach, it is the most recommended. Enjoy superb cuisine, drinks, and music together with seats to enjoy the setting sun. The portion size is adequate, and the beverages here are particularly noteworthy. Fisherman’s Hut Beach Shack is the most proper place to unwind in the evening with a glass of Cosmopolitan and cool sea air.

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Travelers’ Tip before visiting Sinquerim Beach

When visiting Sinquerim Beach, keep your cash and other documents in a waterproof bag to avoid moisture damage.

When participating in beach water sports, use a life jacket. Listen to the guide and their safety instructions carefully. Due to big waves and strong water currents, swimming should be avoided without lifeguards.

Avoid drugs, drinking in public, and smoking, even if you are a die-hard party animal. Also, at beach gatherings, stick to your clique.


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