El remake de ‘Resident Evil 2’

The Resident Evil 2 remake convinces by brilliantly maintaining the essence of the original work. Capcom manages to create an environment of constant tension with very careful scenarios and terrifying music.

The Resident Evil 2 remake is once again proof that, when it comes to remastering, Capcom does a splendid job. If there were few doubts among the public, once the game was released, all these dissipated. Ever since it was announced at E3 2018, the game has been the subject of desire from nostalgic gamers who wanted to recapture that sense of frantic fear of the original work. And they have succeeded.

Except for certain parts of the story, the game manages to take us back to those end of the century in which any graphic trifle seemed like a masterpiece. 21 years later, the essence is still intact except for certain changes in the settings.

Any horror-loving gamer who hasn’t played the original will enjoy Resident Evil 2 Remake , but if you did, the experience won’t just be rewarding: the title is a true ode to nostalgia. Without underestimating that it could have been exalted, the game reaches the outstanding.

A terror story

Resident Evil 2 was not the first installment of horror games, far from it, but it was a before and after for the survival horror genre . Zombies were neither the end nor the means, just one more element of a set designed specifically to feel terror. Every corner turn, every door you open, every little noise is a turn to the heart of the player.

Here the lights take on special importance. With very dark scenarios, the protagonist has a flashlight that minimally illuminates the space: enough to not see anything and terrify you even more. Director Kazunori Kadoi traps the player in a nightmare that becomes the 15-hour tracking shot that is truly Resident Evil 2.

The zombies are persistent , tough and much faster than in the original work. Bullets are a staple that you’ll have to ration if you don’t want to get bogged down in the story, making it easier for hysteria to break out at certain points. Managing your resources is mandatory: it is just as important to know how to escape as when to shoot.

Complicating everything even more are the special zombies , such as the Lickers, which force you to change your route and raise your heart rate, complicating decision-making. Or Mr. X, whose characteristic steps announcing his presence will make the player tremble on more than one occasion.


There is a huge difference between playing with helmets and without them . The sound design is spectacular. The music perfectly wraps you in the terrifying atmosphere. The Resident Evil 2 remake experience is superlative with a 5.1 or 7.1. It suffers even more in that we not only perceive fear by sight: the movements, the environment… Taking care of all these details makes the game a very conscientious work.

Especially terrifying are the moments when Tyrant appears . The persecutions of him force in more than a moment to give the pause , stretch the legs and drink water to lower the pulsations. This special enemy gives the feeling of always being close to the character, which increases the terrifying experience due to the difficulty of getting rid of him.

Characters: Leon and Claire, charisma and bravery

The second character that we choose to continue the story will force us to return to the police station, the main stage of the game. You enter from another side and we will have to repeat the same puzzles, although with different solutions.

Claire offers us an experience closer to the player. With little shooting experience and visibly nervous—we all get the same nervousness as Claire when reloading—her repertoire of weapons is more appealing than the rookie cop: different pistols, a grenade launcher, and a stun gun.

Leon is much more serene, upright and experienced. He counts for the adventure with a Magnum revolver , a shotgun and a flamethrower that will make us vibrate every time we burn a zombie.

Each one will have different objectives, scenarios and final enemies. A very different Ada Wong – her personality has been redesigned, much more accomplished here – will accompany Leon while a very young Sherry will follow Claire in search of help.

Something more than a remastering of zombies

The RE Engine has been used to bring the game to life. It was created for the seventh installment of Resident Evil , the one that would finally restore hope to a saga that had been disappointing the public for years.

Graphic care is wonderful. Giving up the fixed cameras of the classics for a closer perspective envelops you even more. The deaths of the enemies are bloody and spectacular and the effects lead to a very successful realism. The zombies, whose faces seem to be traced to the original, are highly recreated.

The dubbing section is also quite satisfactory. Despite the complaints from the public after the release of the trailer, the cast of voice actors leaves a good taste in the mouth. If we are not satisfied with them, we will always have the possibility to change the language.

Resident Evil 2 Remake goes beyond a remaster . It is a completely new work that honors and does justice to the original. Adapting a delivery that gave gamers such good times in the late 90s was quite a difficult challenge.

Its graphic overhaul, its carefully crafted setting, and frantic gameplay make it a mandatory title for fans of survival horror and for the most nostalgic. The classics seem to be coming back stronger than ever.

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