Dressing for The Beach in Shades of Black and White – The Classy and Chic Beach Fashion Guide

Almost every woman today wants to have that perfect beach profile photo. They want to strike the ideal post amidst the sand, sea, and the sun as the backdrop. While that needs a woman to be supremely confident of her body, a lot depends on how she dresses. And here, style preference has an essential role to play. Not every woman wants to sport the floral prints and bright-colored monokinis to the beach. There are few who would like to underplay and have a classy beach look. For them, the black and white beach ensemble is the perfect option.

How to go about it?

At times, women think when they select the black and white beach dress code, they are missing out on attractive style options. It is not true. The idea here is to keep the predominant colors as black and white. You can use other colors and accessories to add a variation to your look. For instance, women who love to appear all bling and bright in a black and white beach dress backdrop can wear loose big ear loops in golden or silver to break the monotony of the solid shades. Here are a few guidelines that you might want to follow.

  1. A black monokini, beach dress, or bralette

You can select a black beach dress or a monokini for sporting this look. Women who love to sport a bohemian vibe can choose the beach dress in black. The material can be cotton or georgette. You can also select a bit of crochet design to add a feminine charm to it. Women who want to flaunt their curves and toned bodies can choose a black monokini. On the other hand, women who want a more casual vibe can select a black bralette top and pair it with denim shorts in dark blue, faded blue, or even black. It takes care of the basic look, and you can progress with other layers that you can add.

  • A light grey or a white cover-up or a shrug

Once you have taken care of the dark base, it’s time to allow the light shade to add a playful variation. Nothing works better than a white or a grey transparent shrug or a cover-up. The latter is the best option since it gets designed for the beach look. You can select the cover-up slightly oversized so that you can wrap it the way you want to as you pose for the photographs. Today, cover-ups in kaftan style are available that appear rather casual and don’t add to the style statement. But women who don’t want too much of a skin show on the beach can select this.

There are cover-ups in black shades with a hint of other colors. Some are available in stylish animal prints as well. The latter accentuates your overall style statement, and the former brings in a vibrant addition. Choose the one based on your mood.

  • Get a hat that will add to your look

When it comes to the beach look, the hat is a game changer. To keep up to the black and white beach dress style code, you can select the big hats that are available in black, cream, white, and grey. Adding a multicolor headband to a black or white hat is a wise choice. Usually, the beach hats are made of straw and come with a tight weave that ensures great protection from the elements. Also, the big hats add the maximum style value to your look. Hence, if it has delicate style patterns such as sequins and intricate design, it will make you appear feminine and graceful.

  • The footwear

Now that you have selected a significant chunk of your dress in black and white, you need to choose your footwear well. There isn’t any need to select a footwear in solid white or black. That will be too much color coordination that will make you appear over the top. One of the best ways to break the monotony is to choose metallic shade footwear. Or you can select a black or white flat sandal that has golden or metallic color straps. It will give out a chic vibe without being over the top.

Lastly, you can co-ordinate your beach bag with your footwear. Choose a metallic shade tote bag to carry all you have to and complete your look. Since you have a black and white dress and accessory look for the beach, you can experiment with the make-up. That means you can go slightly dramatic with your eye-make-up. Or you can keep it simple and add a vibrant fuchsia pink to your lips to exude the beach vibe and the summer exuberance. Choose your bracelets, pendants, rings, and anklets based on what you like best, and click that Instagram-worthy image.

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