Dreaming to Crack IELTS! Prepare it by learning English this way.

Have you ever thought to go abroad for your studies or for doing a job? Do you know what are the requirements that you need to have to study abroad besides visa and other things.
If you don’t know I will tell you ,it’s IELTS? IELTS is expanded as International English Language Testing System.
English is spoken everywhere these days. So it is very important to clear this exam if you want to study or take a job abroad.
We will be discussing about the ways of learning English for IELTS.

1. What is IELTS?

IELTS is expanded as International English Language Testing System. This test is taken by all those countries where the native language is English. In this test you are tested on every aspect of your English understanding whether it is Reading, Listening, Writing, or Speaking. Your proficiency in dealing with all of these would help you to crack this exam. Now let’s see that what should be the level of English is required in cracking the Exam.

2. What should be the level of your English if you want to crack IELTS?

Being an English exam Learning English is essential but what level of English would actually be best to appear into the exam?
This is the aspect we need to focus upon now. See as we saw earlier that we would be tested on all the aspect that is reading, listening, writing or speaking. So it is very clear that you can never appear in this exam if you only have a little knowledge in English or you are just aware about some basic fundamentals of English Language. This is not enough you need to be a little more proficient in English and prepare to some advance level which can be more beneficial to you. The paper is based on the English of grade 1-1-10 so if you practice it in that manner your chance of success would be more.

It is only then the chances seem suitable for you to crack this exam. Now this being said what are the ways by which we can help us in taking your English proficiency to the next level? What would be those measures which can help that?
In the next section we will be looking into this that what should we do that our English reaches to the next level and we could easily crack the exam.

3. How can we learn English For the IELTS?

i). Reading from ample of sources:

Reading is one of the important aspect of this exam. When we read we get to know how good we are at it and what needs to be improved. IELTS is an exam and we need to be proficient in reading any kind of text and derive meaning from it.  Moreover we are required to pronounce each word clearly and that can only be done with intense practice.

What are different ways of doing it? We can start doing it by picking up those books which we can easily understand and develop interest in. Then we can proceed by taking advance books and try to interpret the texts in our own language and become skilled at it. Reading out aloud can be a better practice that can help us grow more and qualify the exam easily. 

ii). Practice to articulate your understanding:

 To articulate your understanding means to pen down your thoughts. Whatever you think will never be known to anyone unless you express it in written or verbal. In IELTS you may get to write on various topics and it would be impossible to write it then and there. Writing anything needs a constant practice or you would be out of ideas and your minds would not be able to think sequentially. So what you can do to continue your writing practice is that you can write an article daily which relates to any important environmental issues or on any relevant aspect on which you can give your own thoughts. Remember to write it on your own or you will not find any benefits as your topics in exam will be given at that point of time and it would be your mind which is going to look into very aspects relating to that topic.

iii) Changing your environment: 

Make a group of yourself which can help you in actually getting through the process. English is a very easy language to understand and recognise but it needs constant efforts to be learnt well. When we are in a group we are always motivated to compete among ourselves and perform better. This would also help us to check our progress and work upon our mistakes.

You would also get to know some advices and take part in the discussion process that would help you to prepare well.

iv)Change your taste:

All of us like to watch our feeds and contents in our local language. As you are required to listen to contents and  give a test out of it in IELTS exam. For this you need to practice listening to English speeches ,poetries, and also read thoughts available on your social media and other platforms. This would help you to understand the language better and qualify every stage of this listening exam in IELTS. One can also start this process to listen to English News channels and try to understand what they wish to say. As you will continue you will find that your mind is able to understand what is being spoken and reciprocate well. 

This should be repeatedly done to make your practice consistent and perform better in your exam.

v)Converse in English:

Do you know why is this test conducted? It is just because when you go abroad you are comfortable to talk to anyone whether it is at your college or at office. When you required to talk to anyone you also need to take active participation in it and converse with the other. Practicing among your groups and at different platforms to make your yourself comfortable in speaking the language would be the best option. There are different other ways to learn spoken English like by opting for an online course which can help you make your preparation quite easy.

vi) Self confidence:

English being a very different language would sometimes look very difficult to you and you will not be able to continue with the preparation. What matters is the faith which you have in yourself and the zeal to crack the exam would bring you the actual success. Have patience and be confident that you will be able to get through it and pass your exam with flying colours.  

All these steps would help you to make your preparation very smooth and comfortable. You just need  to act smartly and get through everything so that there are no mistakes that you incur while studying and enjoy your learning process.

4. What are the other steps you can take while preparing?

Testing yourself:

Check your progress regularly and manage to work accordingly. Exam can be qualified easily if one tries to work hard on what he need to do to improve his mistakes. How will you know about your mistakes? You will know about your mistakes when you test yourself regularly. Try to solve questions asked previously in the IELTS exam and prepare a list of your weak points. This would help you to work on your shortcoming and get through the exam pretty well. 

Guidance from experienced sources:

One who has appeared in the exam before can be the best one to tell how can you continue your preparation to score better. Try to take advice of those who have given the exam and work on those things. This would help you to get a good go with the competition and you would not repeat those mistakes which were repeated by them when they appeared for the exam.


IELTS , is very important for those who wish to migrate to foreign countries and make their career. The better you prepare for the test the higher would be your chance of qualifying. It is not a very big deal to do it if you really have the courage and enthusiasm to crack it. You can plan your studies and work according to see yourself successful in this exam. 

If you wish to clear your IELTS exam you have to master your English from the basic to the advance level and for this you can opt for an online English course which can help you in this journey. A planned study is always better than a haphazard one. 

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