How To Download HP Printer Driver?

HP printer drivers download: this is a crucial step to follow when you want the printer to work with the operating system (OS) of the computer or other device you use. If your printer doesn’t come with the drivers, you have to get an HP printer driver. There are lots of drivers that successfully connect the printer to the computer. Let’s have an in-depth look over what a printer driver is, the HP printer driver assistant, and the steps to download the HP printer driver.

What Is A Printer Driver?

Software that translates computer data into printer format is termed a Printer driver. Every printer is developed using different software and hardware; hence the system you use needs to learn how to give instructions to every particular machine. That is what a printer driver is used for:

  • The printer driver helps the computer to understand how to transfer the data and the technical details of the printer,
  • A printer driver transfers print printer data in a language it can understand.

Let’s explain it with an example; think about the scenario of instructing someone who speaks a different language than you. Printer drivers act as personal translators who can rely on the instruction in the appropriate language.

If the printer drivers aren’t installed, your computer won’t be able to detect the printer or even the simple printing tasks. Therefore, whenever you purchase a new printer, you must install the driver on the computer you wish to print from.

HP Printer Assistant

If you’re looking for an HP Printer Drivers Download, then it becomes crucial for you to get aware of the HP printer assistant. The most driver will install software automatically, HP Printer Assistant, which provides a simple interface for you; these include:

  • Adjust your printer settings
  • Launch printing, scanning, and faxing tasks
  • Select output folders
  • Monitor your printer supply levels

Guide For HP Printer Drivers Download

Do you need to set up a new printer? Check the guide on HP printer drivers download. However, you might need to reinstall the driver if it gets deleted from the computer or becomes corrupted. Check the steps on HP Printer drivers download right below:

Step 1: Visit “Support & Drivers” on the HP website, and select the “Drivers & Software” navigation option.

Step 2: Choose “Printing & Multifunction” under the category section. Enter the product number in the space delivered, or choose the “Printers” option in the navigation menu. Choose the printer type you have if you’re using the navigation menu. Also, select the proper printer option from the product list available.

Step 3: Choose “Download Drivers & Software,” available in the navigation menu. Select the perfect OS in the list. Next, search for the available driver options, including primary drivers with management software. Select the option of your choice and hit the “Download” button.

Step 4: Select the “Save” option and the “Browse” option to choose the computer to save the file. Hit the “Save” option to download the driver.

Once you have downloaded the HP printer driver, open the file and follow all the installation steps as follows:

Installing HP Printer Drivers

Step 1: Navigate the folder where you downloaded the driver. Now double-click on the file to start the installation process easily.

Step 2: Hit on the “Ok” button to authorize the installation. Now click on “Next” to accept the default installation location and begin with the install wizard.

Step 3: Select the custom installation or recommended installation. The version automatically installs all the components that typical users require. A custom installation provides you the opportunity to choose the option you want. Now hit on “install” and “Finish” when the process is completed.

How To Protect The HP Printer Driver?

Besides the BIOS crashes, malware corruption is the biggest threat to your HP printer driver. Corrupted drivers can make it challenging to print what you want. They can crash the BIOS, causing you to lose all the drivers, also the one that is working amazingly. When the HP printer driver corrupts, you need to reinstall it from the site. If you don’t want to face this issue, you can choose to secure program by using a couple of security programs as follows:


Malware and viruses come from the internet; hence ensure that your system is equipped with all the essential security programs. You should ensure that your system is protected with a firewall, helping to defend the network against threats and malware.

HP JetAdvantage

It’s one of the best tools to keep your HP Printer secure. HP JetAdvantage is built to manage device networks connected with printers. It’s security programs that prevent unauthorized access to printers and computers they are connected with.

Ending Note

When you are looking for an HP printer driver download, make sure to search for the driver on the official HP site. Eliminate downloading it from third-party websites as you might find malware and viruses implanted by the cyber criminals into the same. Also, HP printer drivers for free download are only available on the official site; if you’re asked to pay for it, then immediately leave the third-party site.

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