Difference between postpay and prepay

In this technology dominated era, who doesn’t have a mobile phone? But having a mobile phone alone is of no use. You have to install a valid sim card with optimum balance to make a phone call or to use internet services. Have you noticed how people pay bills on their sim card? Some pay it before using the services and some pay after a specific time period of using the services. There are two types of billing systems for mobile sim cards. One is a prepaid system in which you have to pay for any package for calling and/or data to make use of services provided by the telecom company. Another system is the postpaid system in which you don’t have to pay anything before using the services. A bill is generated at the end of the specific time window and then you have to pay it.

Difference between postpay and prepay

Prepay sim: If you have a prepaid sim, you can choose different packages provided by the telecom company like top-ups, data packs, validity packs etc and then subscribe to them by paying the cost . After subscription you can use the services.

  • These plans are cheaper comparatively.
  • Good for those who want to use cost effective services
  • Pocket friendly plans are also available.

postpay sim: In this type of sim also, customers can choose between different prepaid plans provided by the telecom company and can use their services before any payment. After the end of the time window, operators will provide you with a bill according to your use of services and you have to pay them. 

  • Good for those who need a consistent plan and don’t want to recharge sims multiple times.
  • You can call or use data without top-ups in prior.
  • You have to pay for what you have used only.

Obviously there is a difference between postpay and prepay, both types of Sims have their own pros and cons but that doesn’t mean one is less useful than the other. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages related to the given situations of the customer. 

How to convert your postpaid sim to prepaid sim?

You can convert your postpaid sim to prepaid sim by simple steps. Firstly you have to pay all the due bills and then you have to fill the form given by the telecom company. Some charges will be applied for the conversion, you have to pay them. After this you will get an otp on your mobile number for verification. After complete verification and processing your sim will be activated as a prepaid sim.

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