What Is The Difference Between NBN & Wireless Network Connection?

The national broadband network is aimed to deliver high-class internet speed across the country. Every home business or office benefits from service every year. But for some consumers, a wireless broadband network is what they prefer.

Most Australians are NBN customers. When it comes to the value of the money the NBN connection is worth considering. Several other internet types are also charging higher. Often NBN providers offer civil types of deals to their new customers.  These offers are commonly in the form of monthly discounts or signing-up plans. 

In contrast to the NBN, which primarily uses wired connections dug into the ground to connect to the internet, home wireless broadband uses 3G, 4G, and even 5G signals. To find the best method for you, you should compare the two types as although they achieve similar results, one may be a better choice.

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  1. What Is Home Wireless Broadband?
  2. What Is National Broadband?
  3. The Basic Difference Among NBN & Wireless
    1. Cost And Value
    2. Speed Difference
    3. Troubleshooting
  4. Is Wireless Faster Than NBN?
  5. Which One Is Cheaper?

What Is Home Wireless Broadband?

Known as wireless broadband, wireless Internet is a mobile internet service that replaces your home’s fixed-line connection. Where there is a mobile signal, you can access a wireless internet connection at home. In contrast to the NBN, which must be installed by a professional, it can be done by an individual. Any home with a decent mobile signal can get wireless internet access. 

What Is National Broadband?

A good deal of luck goes into Australia’s National Broadband Network. Most of us are thrilled with it, especially since it exceeds our expectations. The NBN can, however, be an underwhelming experience for some households.  

The Basic Difference Among NBN & Wireless

Wireless home networks rely primarily on 4G and 3G mobile signals to access the internet, while the NBN relies on fixed lines, which are delivered directly to your home from nodes across the nation. However, if you have a physical placement issue with your home, wireless broadband is the great alternative

Cost And Value

In terms of cost, the home wireless plans are much cheaper than the NBN connections in Australia. Typically it starts at $50 per month with a 200 GB data connection. However, the greater the internet data, the more price will be increased. NBN tends to have better value than the 4G wireless plans. But the 5g wireless connectivity will make you luckier to have wireless. 

For your wireless connection, you need to install the modem. An upfront fee for the contract and modem cost is required. 

Speed Difference

When comparing the speed, both NBN and wireless connection are available in a variety of different speed options. You can determine which speed tier is best for your needs and requirement. The more users, the less would be the network speed. This rule of thumb is equally applied for both wireless broadband and NBN connection. 

For NBN, there are NBN 12 perfect for one person use, NBN 25 with 25 Mbps speed that is perfect for two users. However, if there are more than two users, consider NBN 50, NBN 100, NBN 250, or NBN 1000. 

however, the speed of home wireless can be difficult to predict. Some plans have capped speed while others may not. The strength of your mobile signals or congestion on the networks may affect the network. Either way, you have 4G capped, 4G uncapped, 5G capped, and 5G uncapped to opt for.  


Your NBN connection could be slow or unreliable for a number of reasons. There could be too much congestion on the network of your provider, or you might be paying for a slower plan. Similar is the case with wireless home networks. There might be a possibility that your device get corrupted. In this case, order new NBN box or change the router. 

Is Wireless Faster Than NBN?

Choosing the right service for your home is dependent on how you use the internet and whether you have access to the NBN. If your suburb is not NBN-ready, wireless broadband is a good alternative, as long as you’re not streaming 4K or using the internet constantly. NBN plans are generally unlimited and have better reliability and consistency for anything that eats bandwidth and data.

Unlike cable, NBN provides consistently faster speeds according to the speed tiers offered (as described above). The speed of your NBN connection may vary depending on your plan, provider, and connection type. However, real-world speeds may not be as fast as plan speeds, depending on your provider and connection type.

Which One Is Cheaper?

There is a data cap on almost every plan you can choose (excluding some 5G plans, of course) on home wireless broadband plans, although they are generally priced similarly to NBN plans. NBN plans can range from $30 to $180 monthly, depending on the speed tier you choose. Wireless broadband plans cost between $50 and $100 per month. you can also get more information about 5 Important Consideration For New NBN Connection For Your Home


Internet is an everyday need. With so many service options available you can choose what suits you the best. Either you chose the NBN connection or go for the wireless connectivity. If you are doing it for the first time, Move-In Connect will help you in order new NBN box to ensure its connectivity.

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