Deku History: From Quirkless Boy to Hero

A decade ago, Deku was like any other kid his age, dreaming of becoming a hero one day. But his aspirations were quickly dashed when he found out he had no powers of his own. But instead got the superpower-stunting Quirk Zero Gravity from All Might, who he idolized at the time. Though this didn’t stop him from still trying to be the greatest hero he could be. And with All Might’s help. He managed to get into U.A., where he continued his journey to become the best hero possible!

Chapter 1 – Childhood

When Deku was a child, he was bullied by his classmates for being quirkless. His mother died when he was still young. His father is no longer present in his life, not even during Momo’s birth. As a kid who grew up without a quirk. Deku finds that he’s incapable of following many of his peers and thus becomes an outcast from them. He is often picked on and forced into doing chores for other kids. But that doesn’t change how things turn out for him. Later on, Kacchan and Deku end up forming a friendship despite all of their differences between one another.

Chapter 2 – Bakugou Katsuki

Bakugou Katsuki was Deku’s rival from childhood. They had a strained relationship. Where both felt like they were competing with each other for attention and praise from their parents. Bakugou’s hair made him more of a natural born leader. Which led Deku to try harder in order to gain recognition. However, when Deku received his quirk at age four (much later than most). And went on to become top hero student, it infuriated Bakugou. He became jealous of all of Deku’s accolades, as well as his relationships with people like All Might. This jealousy only got worse over time as he began losing fights against Izuku continuously until they were in separate high schools.

Chapter 3 – Eri

Deku lived with his mother until he was 4 years old. They lived in a small apartment. And Deku thought of it as a big house, since he could crawl around freely without running into anything. He didn’t know where his father was, since his mother never told him about him. He also had no friends, so they played together all day while she worked. One day, when Deku was 2, his mother fell very ill. She was diagnosed with a terminal disease that would cause her body organs to slowly shut down within 3 years time. Seeing that there was nothing she could do about it but wait for death. She decided to move out of their apartment so Deku wouldn’t have to see her waste away like that in front of him.

Chapter 4 – Recovery Girl & Aizawa

A medical professional with a heart of gold, Recovery Girl was there for every step of Deku’s journey. She patched him up after his early battles and kept him from pushing himself too hard (and going under). She has a strong sense of justice and won’t hesitate to set her young patients straight if they’re acting out of line. Aizawa is also a very important figure in Deku’s life. He was both Deku’s teacher at U.A., as well as All Might’s disciple when he was younger.

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