Decorate Your Living Room With Wall Mirrors in Style

If you are noticing something that is particularly striking that mirrors on walls reflect your innermost thoughts through the patterns they are installed. They can speak volumes about your personal choices and reflect your mood. So, here’s an interesting question, have you ever heard of wall mirrors for your living rooms a decade ago? (Aside from lavish palaces and luxury homes) It’s not likely, since wall mirrors for living room are trends that are that is too new to be seen even in the present. Through creating illusions of space, scattering sunlight and allowing light to shine through, they are now the most sought-after style. But, the hunt for inspiration to install them is still not getting the attention it deserves. WallMantra have put together some amazing ideas to revamp your living space quickly. Follow this two-minute guide to help you make your home visually attractive and stunningly beautiful.

Make a Statement With A Wall Mirror

Your living room should not permit anyone to stare at the same area for longer than a second. Incorporate creativity into every corner to get the most out of your creative spirit. In this regard, wall mirrors for living spaces are the perfect option. Decorate a wall with sparkle with an enormous wall mirror that is designed with precision. Be sure to put it in the middle but not right in the front of your entrance gate. (Placing mirrors that strike first in entrances can be negative according to Feng Shui) Also, you could try using striking colors such as green, red or orange If your accent wall is more subtle. Find the most effective statement mirrors on WallMantra which are perfect for minimalist, bohemian and sophisticated moods.

Use Mirrored Console for Dual Function

If you are a fan of metallic silver or gold finish at home, consider installing the console with mirrors. This beautiful piece of art has glitzy sparkle when it is placed. A bouncing back effect of ceiling lighting with golden glamor from chandeliers and wall sconces hung opposite make a stunning appearance. Though they are still undiscovered to the majority of people, a mirror-designed console is a new piece of furniture, in contrast to wall mirrors that are suitable for living rooms. Because of their exclusivity, they’re generally custom-made. You can buy one by your stylist. You can experiment with silver, rose gold and green tinge instead of transparent colors. The vibrant hues appear more stunning, and mirrors on consoles is not just for its primary function. You can also place photographs of your family, collectibles as well as artefacts for stunning aesthetics.

Mirror Decorative above a Console

If you’re unsure about having a mirror console, take a break and then install a unique mirror over it. This living room is the main point of attention for many who need to be kept in a proper manner. Instead of getting regular mirrors for your living rooms, get a decorative mirror from WallMantra. Mirrors on the top of the console is typically circular and has a strong rope. It provides a more modern and stylish look than the appearance of antique wall mirrors that are suitable for the living rooms. Mirrors can be made of any size, color and design to match the style and colour you prefer.

Wall Mirrors For Living Room on either Side Of Fireplace

Have you ever thought about or thought about it? It’s unlikely yet, but beauty is found in the blending of uniqueness and the right style. When you’ve got a fireplace at the center of the living area, consider mounting big wall mirrors for your living rooms. Be sure mirrors are identical in appearance and with the same elegance. This symmetrical design creates an eye-catching focal point in your living space without spending a penny. You can pick any full-length mirror with contemporary or traditional styles. (Even mirrors with multi-coloured hues look stunning and you can also paint them yourself.) You can also try mixing the colors with similar patterned pillows, floor lamps, sofa throws, planters and curtains. A coordinated arrangement looks more tidy even when it’s messy.

Wall Mirrors with Clusters for Living Room

If you aren’t a fan of vinyl wallpapers that need regular maintenance, you can create the illusion of a mirror wall that is clustered. Trust us when we say that you’ll appreciate this design more than an accent wall.

Make the background of your wall minimal and simple and shine flawlessly with minimalist ambiance. The neutral hued background, covered in golden clustered mirrors, is traditional. You can purchase three or four mirrors of the same size. (The number of mirrors can differ depending on the dimensions)

Wall Mirrors for Rooms For Living Room With Lean Against The Wall

The concept is funny and quirky, particularly for families with kids. It’s unique and distinct from mirrors that are mounted on the wall. Their massive size, that sits against the wall, in addition to reflecting the object you love in your living room allows light in. And, if you’d like to use this design you should try clearing out your living space because the mirror on the floor catching reflections from different objects appears dark. Consider keeping a planter that is large together with the mirror to create more green.


The Wrapping Off

Wall Mirrors for living rooms aren’t just decorative elements they are a unique design that displays peace. Even a tiny mirror at the right place can provide the cozy vibes. Consider putting mirrors in an unexplored manner to blend the atmosphere. Make them stand out with contrasts for a more complete appearance.

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