How Google Customer Reviews Can Improve Your SEO

We all recognize that positive feedback is always beneficial to business.

The majority of customers make buying choices based on the star ratings that a company has. They also shop with businesses with the highest score.

According to a study, more than 90% of consumers are influenced by reviews more than they consider recommendations from a person. In addition, the average consumer will read ten reviews on the internet before deciding whether to buy with a company.

It’s simple: the more stars you earn, the more clicks you’ll get. Who would want to select a two-star business over the five-star one? The rating and feedback system allows customers to pick those who offer “trusted” services. Customers judge the quality of your business based on the reviews you receive.

How can positive reviews benefit my business when it comes to search engines? This is the central question.

Various elements determine your rank in search results, don’t you think?

Online positive feedback from customers significantly impacts the ranking of search engines. If search engines like Google discover that your company has received positive feedback, it signals the credibility of your website. It makes your business appear more reliable.

According to, reviews are crucial Offsite SEO signaling and are responsible for over 50 percent of the ranking factor weight.

Simply put, good reviews can increase your EAT score. This creates an excellent brand image in the eye of Google or other search engines.

How Reviews Can Benefit Your SEO

Customer Feedback Increases the Number of Keywords:

Customers also create content when they post reviews or share their thoughts on social media. This means that you will review the reviews – whether on Google or social media- in the form of user-generated content. Each time a user leaves an online review, search engines, such as Google, are provided with the new content.

No matter the outcome, It is likely to contain keywords relevant to your services, business, and location. This means that Google will have a clearer image of your company.

Helps You Get a Competitive Edge:

Reviews can also help you stay ahead of your competition. Gathering reviews and including rich snippets of content on your website will positively affect your listing within the Search Engine Results. They will appear in the Rich Results listing, which means that any reviews you’ve received will be displayed as gold stars on the page. This will draw users and lead to an increase in CTR over your competition, regardless of where you rank within the SERPs.

How will it affect SEO? A high CTR indeed counts as one of Google’s rank indicators. The more people visit your site, the more evidence it gives Google that you’re “popular.” It can also improve your rank.

Google Consider Reviews:

Google also considers reviews essential and has a more sophisticated way of analyzing reviews. Positive reviews inform Google that your product or service is top-quality. You’ve probably observed that Google typically shows results with large numbers of reviews first since Google will do its best to deliver favorable results for its users.

Make sure you offer high-quality products to your clients and receive quality reviews to be in the top positions on SERPs.

Responds to Reviews Promotes Interaction:

If your customer leaves positive or negative feedback, you should try to reply to each. This will send an impression that you care for your customers and boost engagement. This means that you will notice an improvement in your Edmonton SEO performance.

For instance:

  • Reacting to reviews could cause customers to change their opinion about a negative review, erase it, or compensate with positive reviews.
  • It is possible to produce additional keywords.

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How Google Customer Reviews Affect Bounce Rates:

An excessive bounce rate may cause your SEO to suffer. It is also the case that 10% of your customers will purchase from you when reviews are available. This is because reviews provide social proof, which can increase the trust in your brand. If, for instance, an item has primarily positive reviews, a prospective buyer is more likely to purchase the product because they’re confident of the quality.

Reviews increase consumer awareness and trust in brands, and customers are more likely to invest longer on your site. Result? This results in eroding bounce rates and a rise in Google positions.

It Benefits Your Local SEO:

Reviews are crucial to your local rank. If someone types in “XYZ shop near me” and your company is displayed on the map, they’re likely to look for reviews before inquiring. In reality, Google also considers positive reviews to provide the most favorable results.

The Bottom Line:

What’s the main takeaway? SEO is highly dynamic, and it is essential to consider unusual ranking factors like reviews, which others could overlook.

Reviews can help customers determine whether your product can influence their purchase decision. Positive reviews can be an asset; timely responses to negative reviews can alter the impression of the customer about your company.

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