Criteria Parents Must Consider While Seeking School Admission in Gurgaon

Gurgaon has many private schools, some of which are India’s top-ranking institutions. Most of these schools’ curricula follow ICSE, CBSE, or State board, while some follow the International board. Thus, there are plenty of options to choose from for everyone. Unlike in Delhi, school admission in Gurgaon takes place between July and October. Hence, parents often become sceptical and anxious when choosing the School for their kids.

However, each School is excellent and unique in its way. All work in the best interest of their students and have advantages over others. Thus, the question “Which school will be best for my child?” haunts the parents even before their kids turn three.

So, we have listed a few points you must consider while selecting a school for your child. All these points are fundamental, which you may fail to notice in tension.

Points To Consider For Nursery School Admission in Gurgaon 2022-23

To make the task easier, we have enlisted them for reference while selecting the best school in Gurugram for your kid.

• Location And Timings of School in Gurgaon

Ensure that the School’s location is close to your house. It should not be in some remote, far-off area. Go for schools that are easily accessible. Moreover, if the School offers a transport service, confirm its accessibility from your house.

Another essential point to consider before taking school admission in Gurgaon is the timings. Moreover, choosing a school with flexible timings will prove beneficial if you are a working parent.

• Take Review of School Student’s Parents

Reviewing the School from a parent’s eye helps a lot. However, you may often get critical comments from the School’s parents. It is better to weigh the positives and negatives and then decide. Hear what the School’s students have to say.

Moreover, don’t base your decision purely on what you hear. Instead, think of your feedback for the School and then decide on school admission in Gurgaon.

• Teacher

A Teacher is the backbone of every school. We can also say they are the School for kids, especially at the primary level. No one will consider even the best school in Gurugram if they do not have good and updated teachers.

Therefore before taking School Admission in Gurgaon, ensure that the School sends its teachers for regular training and workshops to keep them up-to-date. In addition, the school management should proactively involve and spend resources upgrading their faculty’s skills, like Pragyanam School. Your child deserves a constructive learning journey that can only be rendered by a highly motivated and professional facilitator team equipped with qualities like dedication and competence.

• Curriculum

Curriculum selection is one of the last points to be considered while selecting schools in Gurgaon. Curriculum selection mainly depends on what you foresee in your child’s future. Besides, you can change it at any level of your child’s schooling based on their interest. What matters the most is the teaching methodology.

• Fees

The most crucial point of your decision is the fees. Only you know well how much fees you can afford to provide comprehensive education to your kid for the long term. Besides, it is also necessary to evaluate a school based on the best value for money school in Gurgaon for you and your kid.


These points are only references and may not be enough to choose the best school in Gurugram for your kid. However, considering the above-mentioned points will help you narrow your list to a few for school admission in Gurgaon. Thus, with this small list, go with your gut feeling, as it can never be wrong, especially for your kid.

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