Cocooning Christmas atmosphere: Create a hygge decoration for the holidays

Christmas is just around the corner and you still don’t know how to decorate your home this year? And if you fall for the magic of Scandinavian Christmas? Discover without further delay how to create a Hygge decoration for a guaranteed cocooning Christmas atmosphere!

Cocooning Christmas atmosphere

Christmas, this long-awaited event every year, is fast approaching. What if this year you let yourself be carried away by the magic of Christmas Hygge?

Coming straight from Denmark, the Hygge atmosphere, more commonly known as “cocooning atmosphere” promotes well-being, conviviality and simplicity. The Hygge spirit is the little moments that make us happy. The objective is to transform its interior into a pure cocoon, all in simplicity.

Cozy textiles, natural decorations, soft lighting, family gatherings around the fireplace… Only a few elements are enough.

So, discover with us how to create a Hygge decoration for a cocooning Christmas atmosphere.

Comforting materials for a cozy interior

The soft blanket

What would a cocooning atmosphere be without its fluffy throws? As you will have understood, the plaid is one of the essential decorations, used in the Scandinavian style for a successful Hygge atmosphere.

Very soft, thrown on the sofa or on the back of the armchair, it will amplify the cozy atmosphere of your interior. And for the most cautious, it will be the most beautiful effect to wait for Christmas, in cocooning mode on the sofa, in front of a crackling fireplace.

For the model, prefer plaids in wool, mesh or fur, and sober colors such as white, gray, beige or ecru.

An avalanche of soft cushions

For a guaranteed cocooning Christmas atmosphere, also think about cushions. The advantage with these is that you can really treat yourself: Velvet, fabric, fur, square, rectangle, round, plain or printed… Multiply the shapes and materials. This is also the time to swap your old cushions for cushions in more wintery colors and/or patterns.

Install these soft and numerous cushions everywhere in your living room, on your sofa, your armchairs and even on the floor on a pretty carpet. They are friendly, cozy and will warmly dress up your room.

Faux fur, a trend in Hygge decor

Another essential element for a cocooning atmosphere: Faux fur.

This big trend from the Nordic countries can easily be worn on all your accessories and furniture. Pleasant to the touch, dare faux fur on plaids, as a cushion cover, armchairs and even on your sideboards or the fireplace ledge on which you can also place some wooden decorations or candle holders.

Also consider the animal skin faux fur rug, a must-have for Hygge decor. It will soften your room, to make it even warmer.

To go even further

Multiply the seats with comforting materials to enhance the cocooning atmosphere of your Hygge interior.

Armchair, cushions, ottoman… Choose the seat that suits you best to create a space for relaxation, a real refuge. Install it in a strategic corner of your living room : Next to a window or at the foot of the fireplace. A perfect cocoon to enjoy a good hot chocolate while enjoying your favorite book.

These can also act as additional seats around your coffee table for a convivial moment with friends or family. Check for models.

Play with different light sources

Candles for a subdued and warm atmosphere

Candles, candles and more candles.

If there is one element that should not be overlooked in the Hygge decoration, it is the candles. Their soft luminosity brings a more intimate and therefore warm atmosphere to the room.

Here also vary the shapes and sizes of candles. Do not hesitate to make associations of several candles in different corners of your room.

In addition, you can choose scented candles to enhance this warm atmosphere with a pleasant smell.

Placed in beautiful candle holders, three or four on a wooden tray, on the edges of the fireplace or in the center of the table… There are many options for installing candles in your interior. Don’t be afraid to have a heavy hand, for a cocooning Christmas atmosphere, the more candles the better.

Garlands for a magical side

Vary the points of light by adding light garlands. These indirect lights will dim the room and reinforce the festive side.

Different models exist. In this Hygge style, it is not recommended to opt for big garlands that are too showy. Prefer small simple LED garlands, or garlands made up of Christmas motifs, discreet, and with a warm tone. On the edge of the fireplace, in the tree, in a pretty jar in the center of the table mixed with branches, or hoe: They will be ideal.

Small additional tip: You can also install LED curtains behind your window curtains to provide a new original light source.

A 100% simple style

A minimalist decoration for the tree

The Christmas tree, the main element of the end-of-year celebrations, brings a unique and magical moment to life for young and old alike. Present throughout the holiday season, its decoration should not be neglected.

As we have seen, the Hygge style is inspired by nature. So what could be better than a white Christmas tree, which reminds us of the snowy forests of the Nordic countries, for this Hygge Christmas?

For a perfect combo on your tree, we forget the glitter and pep’s colors and we opt for the combination of white, wood and soft textures, at the top of the trends in the Hygge atmosphere.

Dress your tree with light garlands in warm tones. Don’t forget to also decorate his foot: Think of feather garlands or a wicker basket for more originality.

Then add natural materials to your white tree: For example, collect a few pine cones that you will assemble using a pretty beige rope for a very natural garland.

A few wooden suspensions, transparent balls, and why not a few discreet touches of gold.

Natural materials for the Christmas table

Christmas is the time when we give the most importance and care to the decoration of the coffee table and dining table, to have a good time with loved ones. And here, raw, rustic and noble materials prevail.

Linen, preferably beige, as a tablecloth will be ideal under a pretty table runner. Then add pretty natural decorations. Be careful not to clutter your table too much, which must remain simple and minimalist. Opt for wooden Christmas figurines such as stars, fir trees or reindeer. You can then refine your decoration with foliage, hoe, or bouquets of dried flowers.

Don’t forget the candles here too. An accumulation of three candles placed on a wooden slice in the center of the table will illuminate the meal by bringing a warm and intimate side to the moment.

Finally, an essential element to finish decorating your pretty Christmas table: The dishes. Choose white ceramic tableware, which will fit perfectly with this trend.

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