Clevo NH70 Review: Has The Best Components At Low Cost

Clevo is a well-known laptop manufacturer that has been around for quite some time. Recently, they’ve released their latest model, the NH70. In this Clevo NH70 review, we will be looking at the positives and negatives of this laptop, as well as giving our opinion on whether or not it’s worth purchasing.

What is the Clevo NH70?

The Clevo NH70 is a high-end laptop that comes with great features at a low cost. It has a powerful processor and graphics card, which makes it perfect for gaming and video editing.

The Clevo NH70 also has a backlit keyboard and a 1080p display. These features make it perfect for working on documents or doing video editing.

The Clevo NH70 is available in two different versions: the standard version and the deluxe version. The deluxe version has better components, such as a larger battery and a faster processor. However, the standard version is still a great laptop choice.

If you are looking for a high-end laptop that is affordable, the Clevo NH70 is the perfect option.

The Components of the Clevo NH70

The Clevo NH70 is a great budget laptop that has some of the best components for the price. The computer has an Intel Core i7 Processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive.

The computer also has great features for gaming, such as a backlit keyboard and a powerful graphics card. The laptop also has a great battery life so you can work on your laptop anywhere without having to worry about charging it.

Overall, the Clevo NH70 is one of the best laptops on the market for the price. If you are looking for a budget laptop that has great features, the Clevo NH70 is definitely worth considering.

How Does the Clevo NHMeasure Up?

The Clevo NH review is a great laptop for students and professionals who are on a tight budget. It has great components at a low cost, making it one of the best laptops for those who are looking for value.

The Clevo NH has an Intel Core i5-8250U processor with 8GB of RAM. This CPU is powerful enough to handle most tasks that you might encounter. It also comes with a 1TB hard drive, which gives you plenty of storage space to store your files. The Clevo NH also has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card, so you can enjoy high-quality graphics when you’re using the laptop for entertainment purposes.

The Clevo NH has a backlit keyboard and trackpad, which make it easy to use in low light situations. The laptop also has a stereo audio jack, so you can listen to music or watch videos while you’re working on your projects.

All in all, the Clevo NH is a great value laptop that will suit the needs of most students and professionals.


The Clevo NH70 is a great laptop for people on a budget. It has some of the best components available at a low cost, making it perfect for those who want to get the most out of their money. If you’re looking for a powerful, low-cost option, the Clevo NH70 should definitely be on your list.

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