Cleanse Your Energy With White Sage Essential Oil

Do you feel sick a little too often and feel irritated? No matter how much you try, you are not able to sleep properly or your body & mind seem to be in a permanent state of exhaustion. If you relate to all these signs and symptoms then it’s high time for you to cleanse your aura.

What is an aura?

Your aura is mainly the energy field that encircles your body. Aura acts as a magnetic field of energy that picks up health, emotions, and situations as well as psychic remains present around you.

It is important to know that your aura starts experiencing stress the moment you start exchanging energies with people present around you. This is the reason why you must cleanse your aura or energy from time to time.

When the aura around your body is negative, you start feeling irritated, worried, angry, anxious, lazy, and even create a negative view of the world.  

All this will make your immune system weak, making you fall sick. Fortunately, you can easily clean your aura right from the comfort of your home by using White Sage Essential Oil.

Once you begin cleaning your aura, you will experience a strong difference in the way you feel and bring peace to your mind as well as body.

How to use white sage essential oil for cleansing your energy?

Sage essential oil is well-known around the world for its incredible positive benefits. This oil not only cleanses your body but also the energy present in your body.  

In order to unlock the potential, a sage essential oil is extensively used in aromatherapy practices. To cleanse the aura, you just need to add five to seven drops of sage essential oil to a diffuser or a hot water cup and start inhaling it. 

Along with its relaxation and stress decreasing properties, sage is also considered an effective antibacterial. By inhaling it, you can clear the negative air of your body quickly.

Massaging sage essential oil is another way to cleanse the aura and stop your joints and muscles from aching so much. Just add a few drops of this essential oil to your massage lotion or oil and you will experience a release in tension and decreased stress level.

If getting a massage with this oil is not possible then simply add sage essential oil in a hot compress and start using it yourself. Take a bowl, fill it with warm water and add four drops of sage essential oil in it. Now soak a washcloth in the mixture for a few minutes and apply it to the area that requires it.   

Apart from this, taking a bath with sage essential oil is an ideal way to cleanse your energy in a short time. To enjoy soothing effects, light an essential oil candle and take a warm bath by adding just two to four drops of sage essential oil.

When you will inhale the fragrance of sage, you will notice that it is impacting your olfactory system that further impacts emotions, and creates a sense of rest. This essential oil is one of the best ways of reducing physical stress. Adding a few drops of white sage essential oil to the diffuser can help in keeping your place’s energy positive, clean, and uplifted all the time.

The antibacterial properties of this essential oil are helpful in keeping viruses and infectious bacteria away from your home. The sage also clears the air that is infected by bugs as well as bacteria.

With sage oil, you can also easily connect to the divine world or improve your intuition. If you wish to enjoy a positive aura all the time then it’s time for you to start the usage of white sage essential oil.

But remember the increased popularity has led to excessive demand for white sage essential oil. As a result, there are several areas where white sage is now harvested illegally.

If you wish to buy the most authentic white sage essential oil then you can always trust Essential Oil Wizardry which makes sure white sage essential oil is prepared from the white sage that is cultivated and harvested on legal farms.

Right from the comfort of your home, order white sage essential oil today and enjoy an affirmative aura.

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