The Best Thing About Going to Cineworld

How many times have you gone to the Cineworld website, only to find out that all the good movies are sold out? If you’re like me, this happens way too often! But thanks to my friend Charlie, I’ve discovered the best thing about going to Cineworld, and I now go there more than ever before! Let me tell you all about it. First off, get your tickets online and print them off at home—this means that you can purchase your tickets in advance, without having to wait in line at the box office on movie night!

Kids can stay up late

What’s not to love about Cineworld? A fun day out with your family, a brilliant movie and all at an affordable price. As far as going out goes it ticks all of our boxes – and we really do go there regularly, especially now that all kids can stay up late! With new films coming in on a regular basis, everyone can find something they enjoy – whether its thrillers, dramas or action adventures. I like quiet tearjerkers so I loved Brooklyn while Mr M loves scary movies like Ex Machina and The Purge so he’s still happy with plenty of blood and guts on screen.

Everyone gets popcorn

When I go to see a movie in a theater, I always opt for popcorn—not just because it’s delicious but also because there’s something comforting about being around other people enjoying a similar snack. There is something special about sharing experiences with others, and that goes double at an actual event. It’s great knowing that you are part of a larger crowd who came together for one reason: to experience a shared passion. The best thing about going to Cineworld is getting popcorn and sharing my enthusiasm with fellow fans of motion pictures.

Cheaper than going to the cinema

One of my biggest gripes about going to see a film at the cinema is how expensive it is! Tickets are super expensive, and that’s not even including any food or drink you might want while you watch. The price of these things combined will generally cost more than double what I paid for tickets when I last went to see a film in Cineworld (which was yesterday!) But, it’s just not worth spending £25 on something that lasts 90 minutes. That’s why I always go straight home after work and watch films online – which costs me virtually nothing! Bonus points if it’s an old classic like Casablanca; they don’t make them like that anymore. And who doesn’t love Humphrey Bogart?

Great value ice cream treats

At just £1.40 for a big ice cream and £1.80 for an even bigger one, Cineworld treats are great value. And they’re not just available in store – you can order them online and collect them at your local cinema or have them delivered free of charge by Deliveroo! There’s a reason why over 2 million people visit Cineworld every month – we make sure that everyone enjoys their movies as much as possible! Whether you want something delicious to enjoy while watching your favourite film or you’re looking for a fun date night out with friends, you’ll find it all under one roof at Cineworld. It’s easy to see why we’re so popular!

Movies are good but not great

The Best thing about going to Cineworld is, in fact, its movies. The best thing about going to a movie theater these days is that they offer better food and booze service than ever before. Popcorn lovers will be pleasantly surprised with unlimited free refills at most locations as well as new specialty popcorn choices like white cheddar or dark chocolate covered popcorn. It’s hard not to splurge on a large tub of their classic buttered popcorn (with cheddar cheese-flavored topping) when you get your first refill for free!

Better sound systems in most cinemas

On most occasions, being able to hear dialogue in a movie theater is a given. But there are some instances when you have to strain your ears just so you can make out what’s going on. In these cases, it’s better if you catch your flick at Cineworld. The U.K.-based chain was recently rated as having some of the best sound systems in movie theaters by a survey conducted by Which? magazine; it was even ranked higher than IMAX and Dolby cinemas. According to reviewers, voices are distinct and loud enough for people sitting near each other not to miss a thing—which may be one reason why both of these chains were among those that scored low on audio quality ratings.

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