Choosing the Best Preschool in India: A Complete Admission Guide

Preschools serve as stepping stones in a child’s education. Getting your child into preschool becomes very important if you want to secure their future education. Some preschools work as feeder schools to get into good elementary schools. The competition for getting admission to the best preschool in India is so much more than you think. If you are not equipped with the right steps to follow, you’ll probably have to wait for another year to get your kid enrolled in a preschool. We say, “Why to wait?”

Here’s a guide that tells you ‘Everything you need to know before sending your child to preschool! ’ If you have gone through this and are eager to know the know-how of the application process, then keep on reading for a step-by-step admission guide for preschools.

Best Preschool in India

Step-by-step admission guide for the best preschool in India

Step 1: Make sure your kid is ready

Although the average age of children going to school is 2-3 years, because of more awareness in the world, we know that the biological age of children differs from their mental age. So, before starting the admission process, make sure your child is ready to go to preschool.

Step 2: Start your research

When your child is ready, start with research about the best preschools near you. Search on the internet, ask your neighbors and come up with a list of preschools that you want to approach.

Step 3: The Application Process

Here’s the real deal. Start looking for the application process after you have a list of the best preschools you want to apply to. Keep tabs on the release dates of the application forms because of the limited seats good preschools have. Some schools have an online application process, and some prefer to keep it offline. Fill out the application forms for the schools that meet all your needs.

Step 4: Get to know about the lottery system

Some schools have a lottery system for admitting students into their institutions. Parents should know all about this. You can contact the school directly and ask if they have a lottery system in place. If they do, then ask for the application forms regarding the same. If your child doesn’t get into school, then at least you will have the lottery as your backup option.

Step 5: Child’s Interview

After you get past the application process, the school will want to interview your child to see if your toddler is ready to attend school. Make sure you prepare your child well for this screening process without putting a lot of pressure on them. The evaluators usually look to see if there are any behavioral problems.

Step 6: Meeting with parents

If the preschool finds no fault in the application and interview of the child, they typically want to meet the parents to ask for more details regarding the child. The schools are ready to take the student in after a brief background check and some additional information about the parents.

Don’t get intimidated by the process. Some of the best preschools in India are very compliant and responsive. All the best for the process and happy parenting!

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