Checklist To Buy Your New Construction House In Calgary

Buying a new construction house is not an easy task. There are so many variables involved that the process can get taxing for most home buyers. Naturally, it’s obvious to make a few mistakes and regret them later. But you don’t have to worry about that while we’re here.

We’ve prepared for you a checklist of things you should be paying special attention to when purchasing a new construction property in Calgary.

Checklist For New Construction Properties In Calgary

1. Price
The price of a property is the first thing that determines the decision of owning it or not. If you plan to purchase a property, you should be clear on your budget and the wiggle room you could afford. Take a thorough look at your finances, future plans and make decisions accordingly.

2. Location
When you’re looking for a property, it’s critical to be clear on where you would want to be. Normally, homeowners are clear with this aspect of the process, as a lot of thought has already gone into the decision. But if you are still unsure, take your time, but select the location with utmost surety. Various locations offer various features, while some are known to be avoidable for particular reasons. Do your research, and choose a location for your property that aligns best with your lifestyle and plans.

3. Legalities
Before buying a property, check for details about the land the building stands on, and whether or not it’s disputed. And did the builders have all the necessary approval to carry out the construction, including approvals from NOCs and relevant authorities? All these details, if ignored, could cost you quite significantly in the future.

4. Size of The Property
Deciding on the size of the property is crucial before you make any other decisions. Your considerations shouldn’t only be based on your current needs but also support your future plans. So you wish to have kids? Do your parents plan to move into your house? Questions like these will influence your decisions almost entirely. Based on the answers, make sure that the property you’re getting will be able to accommodate everyone adequately.

5. Possession of the Property
Builders often have more than one project under process and are known to deliver projects way beyond the intended deadline. Have a word with the builder and make sure that the deadline is absolutely straightforward. So you can carry on with the rest of the process accordingly.

6. Builder
In the housing market, the claims made by builders are often much taller than the buildings themselves. It’s too saturated, and hence, tough to understand who seems genuine. The best way you can decide for yourself is by looking at the past experience, projects, and reputation of a builder you’re about to be involved with. Analyze the quality of their constructions, their tendency to meet deadlines, etc.

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