Check Out The Romantic Poems For Your Girlfriend

It may be your wedding anniversary, their birthday, or even just a typical Thursday afternoon. No matter how many years you’ve been married, you should never stop telling your spouse how much you adore and value them.

 The simplest way to express your love to your sweetheart is through some love poems for your girlfriend. Write it on a card, text it, or recite it aloud while eating a meal that you made. Your girlfriend will be mesmerised by the poem no matter how you choose to share it.

 You may not know how to write poems for your girlfriend or too shy to try out about sharing your poems which we will solve in this article as we have our favourite other half and for them we do so many things daily, you are a person who is not in touch with your girlfriend because of long distance relationship or some other barriers but with poems you can share your best feeling to her anytime and she is definitely going to love the effort of yours. In this article we will share and discuss more about some romantic poems for your girlfriend,

“I Wondered”

Shining locks

Reddening face

Calming voice

Peaceful smile

Despite the distance, I felt everything.

We felt as if our red strings were moving.

And bridged the miles.

I was almost there.

Just before you leave

My string shrivelled did it

You Say, “We didn’t meet at the perfect time.”

“If only we did,” I wondered.

“And Yet…”

All of it was a dream.

The ridiculous variety

when someone wakes you

Then you fall asleep once again.

A frantic journey through your subconscious

Crazy scene followed by an even crazier scene

kind that you ignore when you wake up

I’m so certain they have no value

The irrational rants

of a tired mentality

And yet…

This is a gem.

A sign?

Even so, is it possible?

It can’t be.

That is not how our friendship has ever grown.

No, not for a moment.

Not the slightest of a hint.

These are the best poems for your girlfriend.

I don’t wish that it is realistic at all.

even while dreaming

The absurdity was glaring.

And yet…

Was this really happening?

I’ve never pictured you in that way.

neither you nor me

Yet, there it was

A short moment of comfort

Then next,

The Lips

My neck

Have I wanted this?

As lovely as it felt

And yet…

It’s over so quickly and I was in the next dream.

Before I could respond

Do I desire its return?

I’ve made an effort not to think about it.

Scared of what it might mean

The change in our dynamic

afraid to want it

To continue tonight

Just a pointless incident,

Born of weariness

And yet…

You are no longer required to keep your emotions to yourself. It’s time for you to confess your love to your girlfriend.

Saying “I love you” could mean a lot to your girlfriend when you miss her due to the distance.

The following love poems for your girlfriend are some of the most expressive and romantic ones. Through these, we hope to contribute to making the special woman in your life feel even more loved and appreciated.

Writing poems is not too hard and with good dedication and pure love you can write them too. While you are writing a poem make sure to follow your heart especially when you are writing poems for your girlfriend. These love poems will undoubtedly make your partner think of you every day, whether you’re still courting her or you’re already in a committed relationship.

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