Calculate your home loan by using the NBD Mortgage calculator  

National bank of Dubai is one the biggest banks in Dubai that are giving financial services for many years. NBD is famous due to its top-class services and products related to finance. Our point is to highlight the features related to Mortgage loans and how can the calculation of it will occur. 

 A mortgage loan is also a famous category of loan or it is the most popular financial product of NBD. Which is a loan against any kind of estate, it is also known as a home loan.  There are many reasons behind the mortgage loan scenario and why people like to take that loan. We will discuss it in this article with the NBD Mortgage calculator, which is the main reason behind this deep research. 

Specialties attached with NBD Mortgage Loan  

  • Lending value 

This is the first and most frequently asked question. People want to know the exact payment of the loan, so the answer is, that it will be up to 75% of the possession price. That means you will receive a loan that will be equal to the 75% of the property price or value. 

  • Total Amount 

NBD offers the basic and total amount of loans for about 1.5 million AED. That you can easily get that as a mortgage loan and also can easily calculate by NBD Mortgage calculated and Personal loan in UAE 3000 salary.  

  • Installment Duration 

The next thing that people mostly search about is the repayment period of this type of loan. So, they should be glad to know that they will obtain the long-term duration to pay the debt back. Almost a 25-year long period will be given to you, so make it easy and relax. Because 25 years is a long time and anyone can easily pay installments within the prescribed time.  

  • Availability for job holders  

NBD provides a loan to all job holders living in UAE, So if you are doing the job and want to apply for a home loan. No issue at all, it will not only help you to buy home loans in UAE but also with easy installments.  

  • Availability for business owners 

Similarly, if someone is doing business in UAE and want to buy some other property or shop, factory, etc. So this is the best solution with an easy repayment method.  

  • Quick Approval  

Another attractive feature is the fast approval process of this loan. You will get the approval as soon as possible and you will not have to wait for many days. 

How to calculate with Mortgage Calculator?  

The method is so simple and everyone can easily understand it, especially when you are using the online calculator. Follow these simple steps:-  

  • First of all, open the NBD mortgage calculator on the website of NBD.  
  • Fill the first space by putting your amount of loan. 
  • Fill the second space with the total period of the loan.  
  • The last space should be filled out with the ratio of interest.  
  • Press the calculate option at the end and you will obtain the results.  

Requirements for job holders  

All the salaried individuals get ready with all documents about their employment. Especially the bank will want to know about your residential status with your employment status. You need to prepare the salary slip of your employment with your previous experience letter and salary certificate.  

Requirements for business owners  

The business owners will be welcome to the bank if they have the following important papers to get mortgage loans in UAE. Documents include the license of your business or trade with experience letter. your experience in this business field should be more than 3 years. 

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