Build Your Double Decker Bed By Follow This Guideline!

Double decker bed are one of the most practical ways to conserve space if you have to have your kids share a room. You can also create your own if you are skill with woodworking, which gives you the opportunity to add some customization. However, bunk beds may be quite dangerous, and every year, many kids, teens, and even adults suffer injuries. There are several things you should do with the bed’s design to keep your kids safe.


A child can’t accidentally roll out of bed at night because to guardrails. They are requiring for the top bunk, but optional for the bottom bunk if it is lower than 30 inches. Even if one side of the bed is next to a wall, you still need one on each side. It is desirable if it attaches at both ends, but if it does not, the space between the end of the bunk and the end of the rail must be wider than.22 inches. The rail against the wall or opposite a ladder must extend uninterrupted from one end of the bed to the other. There can be a ladder because the second guardrail does not need to be continuous, but there cannot be a gap more than 15 inches between the end of the bed and the railing. Guardrails must be challenging to remove in order to prevent falling off or out and being remove by your child. You must be aware of the thickness of the mattresses you’ll be using because the guardrails’ tops must be at least five inches above the top of the mattress.


In essence, a head and footboard are requiring for a bunk bed. This serves as a guardrail extension and prevents your youngster from falling out as well. The top must be at least five inches higher than the top of the mattress, just like the guardrail. Unlike one, it can have a curved head or footboard that dips below this height for aesthetic reasons since it only needs to be this height for half the distance between the sides of the bed.


Accidents involving bunk beds often result in kid entrapment. It’s crucial to check that any design you pick leaves no room for areas where your youngster could become stuck. A wedge block, which measures 3.5 by 6.2 inches and has a hook that enables it to be drag through openings, is using to assess the safety of commercially available mattresses. A block like this shouldn’t fit through any opening between the top of the mattress, either end of the bunk, or the bottom of the guardrail. A nine-inch sphere is using to test for neck entrapment, therefore any space between the bottom of the top bunk and the bottom of the lower bunk must either be too small to let a block this size pass through or large enough to let it.

Other Dangers

Look for any sharp edges or points while constructing bunk beds, and make sure they are covering or remove for safety. A mattress that is either too big or too tiny for the space poses a risk, so be sure it is the right size. The ladder needs to be extremely solid and stable. To prevent the mattress in the top bunk from falling, you might wish to place more slats under it. Avoid adding hooks to the posts and tell kids not to hang scarves, belts, or other objects from the bunk’s posts since they could strangle them.

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