Boosting Metabolism – Myths and facts

In my post Fat Loss and Managing weight – Learn the Basics (Part I) and Part II, I have discussed the important role your metabolic process rate plays in the weight management of yours. The metabolic rate of yours is the amount at which you burn fat every day. And so higher the metabolism rate, more energy you are burning plus it’s a lot easier for you to lose/manage weight. It is like passive income or perhaps an autopilot. You do the hard work one and after that capitalize on it with little further effort. Great, isn’t it. Nevertheless, the issue is that metabolic process declines with age (especially with an inactive life style) and one finds it more hard to burn unwanted fat with workouts and diet plan alone.

The understanding of link between metabolism as well as fat loss/alpilean weight loss (helpful hints) management among masses has delivered large industry to provide shortcut / quick fight solutions for boosting the metabolism. These include, although not limited to, pills, potions, powders, drinks as well as secret techniques which are promised to raise metabolism as well as help burn fat. The fact is, few of these metabolism boosters actually work.

I’ve examined the assertions about well-liked metabolism boosters, from physical exercise to nutrition, to show which actually work and which do not merit your focus and time.

1. Fat-burner pills boost your metabolic rate greatly. Majority of fat burners are simply caffeine pills with a few other ingredients, such as green tea extract, Hoodia etc. Independent research hasn’t proven the usefulness of these pills. One could get an increase in emotional power through using of these drugs, but that’s all; one doesn’t receive a boost in metabolism or burn up body fat. So my advice would be “avoid body fat burner pills”.

2. Breakfast improves metabolism. The answer of mine will be “Breakfast boosts metabolic rate indirectly, not directly”. Study suggests that eating breakfast is linked with good weight reduction. I constantly advocate a rich breakfast, comprising of protein, fiber, vegetables and fruit. It helps to keep you satisfied and your appetite in check till the next meal of yours. For that reason, you don’t indulge is processed food eating. Try creating an rich omelet with broccoli, onions and mushrooms.

3. Ice-cold water with lemon juice. The theory is the fact that body is going to burn calories to limber up the water, while orange juice is an organic fat burner. The truth is, it is not correct.

4. Green tea. The claim would be that green tea extract burns an extra 80 calories every single day. The fact is that studies have shown burning of eighty calories in young men on the very first day of supplementation. Though it is not a lasting effect as the body gets used to green tea. I personally take green tea extract for its proven health results, particularly for heart. If not, green tea is going to help you lose weight only in case you replace your high calorie caffeine mug with unsweetened green tea cup.

5. Eating small regular meals. This has been found to be an excellent metabolism boosting strategy with extra benefit of serving in cholesterol control. It is effective and simple. Start the day with breakfast then take small meals/snack/salads/fruit and vegetable servings every four hours. This can offer you emotional alertness and also make body to burn much more fat.