Best pool service software to level up your business

Although pool servicing may appear to be a specialized industry, it is actually a thriving one. According to research from 2021, there are 80,529 active pool-cleaning businesses in the United States, up 6.9% over the previous year. 

The data demonstrates this market’s fiercely competitive, so having a competitive advantage will help you stand out. Best Pool service software can help with that. Time-consuming procedures are automated by software, so you may work more quickly and effectively.

Using pool service software

Pool service software is a collection of digital tools that enable you to easily manage all aspects of your pool maintenance business.

You can use software to:

  • Work orders should be organized.
  • Complete administrative tasks.
  • Improve customer service.

Because pool maintenance is field service, most field service software can be applied to your company. On the other hand, some companies provide dedicated pool service software with improved work order management and customer relationship tools—features that help pool cleaners offer 5-star service to their customers.

Essential characteristics of best pool service software

Different software products provide various tools and features. Finding a software company that meets your specific business requirements is critical. Here are some features that can help you complete and streamline daily tasks.

  • Work order management: Most pool service management software includes an app that allows you to manage and track work orders. This means you will not miss any work orders during a hectic day at the office.
  • Financial administration: A lengthy billing and invoicing process means it takes longer to receive payment. Pool service software enables you to automate invoice creation and send payment reminders to your customers, ensuring they never miss a payment.
  • Technician Scheduling: Assigning a mobile workforce to jobs is a time-consuming activity. By automating the process, you can avoid mistakenly double booking your teams or giving them jobs on the opposite town ends.

Now that you have learned about the features, let us look at the advantages of using Pool and spa scheduling software in your pool business.

The advantages of pool service software

A pool service management solution provides numerous benefits to modern pool professionals. Here are some of the most important advantages to consider.

Improve efficiency: You save time on bookkeeping by automating your paperwork. Because you can schedule jobs in seconds, your service technicians can be dispatched faster, allowing them to work on more daily jobs.

Enhance inventory tracking: Your Company’s inventory management will also benefit from automation. Material tracking and automated ordering enable you to keep track of your equipment and inventory without visiting the warehouse.

Effective financial management: Pool service software can track invoices and payments automatically. You can even use automated email or text messages to remind your customers to pay, reducing missed costs and improving cash flow.

Let us talk about how much pool software costs in cash flow.

What is the price of Best Pool Service Software? 

Pool service software solutions range in price according to their capabilities and the pricing strategy you select. It can range from a few bucks to several hundred every month. 

Even though it could be alluring to pick the cheapest plans, it is a good idea to explore the software solutions before making a purchase. Only premium plans provide access to many important features. Fortunately, most software providers also offer free trials, so you can try out their services without committing.

Some of the best pool service applications are: 

It can be challenging to choose among all the software options available. For this reason, we have compiled a list of your business’s top 11 pool service options. The top pool service software choices are listed below:

  1. Method: Field Services. 
  2. Pro Skimmer 
  3. PoolTrac 
  4. PoolCarePro
  5. HydroScribe
  6. Razor Sync 
  7. FieldPulse 
  8. The Service Program.
  9. Pool Office Manager.
  10. Pooltrackr.
  11. Field Complete.

Method: Field Services

Method’s QuickBooks two-way sync, explicitly designed for field service companies, facilitates smooth data exchanges. Additionally, Method: Field Services streamlines the operations of your pool service company with features like:

  • The ability to integrate payments and invoices with QuickBooks
  • Mobile app-based on-site job tracking and reporting.
  • To keep track of your assets, use a streamlined equipment management dashboard.

Skimmer Pro

Through digital work order tracking and billing, the pool service software Skimmer Pro promotes paperless business operations. Here are some ways in which the market-leading capabilities of Skimmer Pro improve your workflow:

  • Follow properties and swimming pools using a consolidated customer database. 
  • Routes can be enhanced to increase the effectiveness of your service personnel. 
  • Through the on-site reporting app, request parts or tools. 


PoolTrac is a programme for managing swimming pools with a single management portal and customizable branding. Here are a few ways PoolTrac can grow your company:

  • Make reoccurring appointments for your service technicians to maintain the pool. 
  • Digitally track and manage work orders. 
  • Watch how cleaning supplies and equipment are used. 


PoolCarePRO is pool services software with a robust feature set, such as digital client profiles and automatic invoicing. PoolCarePRO expedites several processes, including:

  • Using a complete customer management solution, view all customer information. 
  •  With a single click, generate invoices and monthly statements. 
  •  Through the mobile app, you can instantly document the work of your service providers. 


Through better billing and customer relationship management, Hydroscribe raises client happiness and retention. This solution works on desktops, tablets, and phones for seamless communication.

What you can do with this cutting-edge programme is as follows:

  • Utilize a single dashboard to manage the use of resources and equipment. 
  • To increase trip productivity, pick the most efficient routes. 
  • Sending invoices to consumers automatically will streamline the invoicing process. 

Razor Sync

With transparent billing and time tracking, field service management software Razor Sync makes it easier for you to go about your everyday business. Despite not being created with pool businesses in mind, Razor Sync can nonetheless help your company by enabling you to:

  • Utilize a consolidated platform to manage customers.
  • Automate billing and give your clients billing support. 
  • Utilize GPS tracking to determine the most effective routes for automobiles. 

Field Pulse

Field Pulse is field service management software that provides pool service companies with a cost-effective, simple-to-use management solution. You may boost productivity and maintain order using automatic scheduling and customer management.

Key elements from Field Pulse can improve your daily operations, such as:

  • Automate appointment making for effective management of your service personnel.
  • Utilize a centralized database to manage your consumer base. 
  • Utilize contractor-estimating tools to swiftly provide accurate estimates. 

The Service Programme

The field service software program that works for different sectors and integrates with QuickBooks is called The Service Program. You can complete more tasks each day thanks to its automatic routing software, which boosts the efficiency of your company. The service programme also enables you to:

  • Making appointments is made easier with simple calendar displays, which make booking appointments easier.
  • Using a mobile application-based reporting tool, report jobs instantly. 
  • Organize routes to make team trips more efficient. 

Pool Office Manager

Pool Office Manager is the next item on our list of the top pool service software. Pool Office Managers automate the record-keeping procedure to ensure you never miss an invoice. Additionally, you can:

  • With better route management, you may increase the effectiveness of your service personnel. 
  • Utilize dashboards for inventory and equipment management to monitor your task costs. 
  • Utilize a chemical calculator to keep track of the chemical dose in your clients’ pools. 


Over 800,000 pools are managed by Pooltrackr, a one-stop pool service solution, using its system. Both pool franchises and small enterprises can benefit from the software’s market-leading capabilities, which include:

  • An organized client database
  • A user-friendly scheduling tool alerts your clients when field personnel are heading their way.
  • Put your company name on the Pooltrackr platform for customized branding. 

Field Complete is the last item on our list.

Field Complete is home services software developed for contractors and has an easy-to-use interface for booking appointments and generating work orders.

How Field Complete streamlines your service, the procedure is as follows:

  • It simplifies the process of creating and detailing work orders. 
  • It automates the billing process and provides online access. 
  • It contains an integrated messenger to guarantee centralized communication. 


The numerous daily duties necessary in the pool service industry can be organized with the correct management software. The time you save using management software may be used to grow your firm, which is its most significant advantage.

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